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Thursday, March 15, 2012


FaceBooKing  can lead to infidelity.

Facebook can open the doors to infidelity in various ways. Many people spend way too much time on this website looking for ways to waste their time. It then becomes a fascination for many people as well. It becomes the main avenue in which they are able to contact other people. Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. Therefore it has become very easy to fall into temptation when so much time and energy is devoted to constantly checking status updates on Facebook and connecting with people from the past or just people that seem interesting for the moment.

Facebook connections are attractive because there is a level of distance. The affair is limited to the keys and the individual simply has they shut the computer off and walk away and any indiscretions are out of sight out of mind. This perceived safety is inviting and leads to many people having affairs over Facebook.

The website takes a lot of time and energy of a person who becomes obsessed with the site. This leads to more chances of making connections with others. You also have the ability to chat with several people at once through Facebook. The assumed safety of the separation between the online world and offline world is what encourages people to cheat through it. However, the online and offline world are becoming more and more merged and connected. In fact, there are now ways to show on Facebook where you are in real life at any given time.

Facebook makes it easy to act out unfaithfulness because it is a website that you could be contacting friends or family through. This lowers the suspicion of the person being cheated on, as they probably do have a Facebook account themselves and only uses it to connect to old friends. Whereas the cheater has the opportunity to seek out old contacts that they can then develop an emotional intimacy with through the private messaging system or the Facebook chat system.

People who want to cheat will find a way to do so. They do not need to only limit their actions to Facebook. But Facebook does give these cheaters good ways of being secret and discreet. It is basically hiding in plain site. They can also use the website as a way to communicate and develop an emotional connection through their private messages. Partners should look for warning signs of cheating if they find their partner becoming too obsessed with constantly checking their Facebook account.

Many people these days get paired up on Facebook! There were many incidences where my friends and many people meet after introduction and proposal in Facebook. It is ridiculous. Actually we don’t know the real sentiment of a person. Though photos may be worth thousand words but we can’t judge the book by its cover.

People get mesmerized by beautiful and handsome photos. They share personal phone number, come closer, closer and meet somewhere. For many, feelings shared online turns to an action. They kiss…… and end of the story after few days or months!!....... THE END

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