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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I always Miss

When all becomes past and the moment we part away from, we tend to miss them. We miss them because we remember. It drags oneself to fantasy of what we were and what happened once upon a time. Memory of our childhood is very interesting such that it brings meek smiles.

I always miss my childhood days... I miss how I got dirty easily and get heavy scolding from my mother! I miss how my father would smile when I was scolded and thrashed for my mischief. He is so cool and nice guy and my dear mother always with stick for every mischief, who shape me to what I am today. Thank you my mother and I miss you a lot.

I miss my school days. I miss those days where I bunked from school and enjoyed playing in bushes with friends like little cute monkey baby! I miss how me and my friends asked for a drop of ink in Chinese pen... I miss the laughter of my school classroom environment! The moments of not understanding the handwriting of teachers written on the blackboard and murmuring to the desk mate and rush for second shares at lunch were those that it lets me to be once more a naughty kid. I miss the times where we were in bare foot and played Baktang Ball (ball made of stitched cloths) and didn’t care whose leg hit stones.

Missing is just but my eyes well up when I think of my gone friends! Some gone forever leaving behind beautiful memories and hope they are stilling smiling in heaven!! I still miss the moment once my little friend said he want to be a doctor and cure his paralyzed mother! He was so cute that we were always together and do whatever we want to do and give my company. We cherished to tease monkeys encountered on our way to school and back home. And I still remember when he proposed a little monkey and ask her to come down and go with him to introduce to his parents. It was so funny. I miss u my little cute friend. 

The dancing of beautiful flowers in the tune and rhythm of dear wind was so moving when I fall in love to a little sweet girl when I was in PP. I miss her sudden kiss on my chick! As a little boy I used to get her flowers and beautiful plants on way back to home from school. I used to carry her bag and we always loved to play in sand and stream water. Our love was so innocent. I miss her so much that I am happy to see her now as a good mother! 


  1. good one bro, childhood is what we miss. when we look around us tired, toiling and 'yet not happy' we remember our innocent childhood and melt away in sweet memories, some crazy but very honest.
    you have pretty good ones. am sorry, ur little romance couldn't flourish though it can make a good movie I guess. cheers

    1. thank you Boss for ur comment and I do always miss my childhood days!! ^_^

  2. Baktang Ball sounds interesting! and oh'yes i miss my school days just as much :)

    1. when i was kid Baktang Ball was only entertaining game and we used to enjoy a lot!! thanks for commenting and keep visiting !!

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