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Thursday, October 10, 2013

First follower of "The Bhutanese Crow"

Hello Karma Thinley.

A chronicle of revolution of Sangay Cholden’s Random Thought was contributed with another journey for being the first follower of the blog “TheBhutanese Crow” authored by Karma Thinley.

Thank you very much for the wonderful say on me about my chance and luck to be the first follower of your wonderful blog. I am flattered indeed.

And I am sorry, there is letter ‘l’ missing in the name you have mentioned. It should be Sangay Cholden.

It was my pleasure to follow your blog and read superb articles. And yes, it is my history in the blogging world that I got to be first follower of a blog.

And I beg your pardon for the late reply.

Experiences are always good and challenging. Feelings and life tells me to maintain more interpretation in black and white. I feel more to write but fail to scribble down and say yea I have done it! And popularity isn’t the choice and criteria for my blog. Writing what I think (random thoughts) and reading what others wrote and simultaneously learning and making life worth is what interest me in blogging world. The more I write and read the more I do know about me and my life.

As of now I don’t have anything to comment and suggest. It is good to keep your blog simple. If you add more gadgets and make it fancy, it takes time to load.

I wish you happy blogging and hope we can know better being as blogger and be happy and smile as human. It is the ultimate goal in life.

Thank you

Sangay Cholden Duba


  1. Thanks brother, necessary changes were made as suggested

    1. I am sorry i haven't suggest anything good of sorts. Happy blogging brother!


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