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Monday, October 14, 2013

I love photography

I love photography and it is another enthusiasm that I really enjoy. It gives me immense pleasure to let me know and inform me about that it says thousand words. The moment of click and the moment does it inform is in itself the great essence of photography. For the same click and when the output is strange, it gives enormous contentment and satisfaction for it describes loads of things it has to say. 
The photo above was taken by my friend when we were on study tour to Punatshangchu. I never knew about my post as well when I take photographs. It is indeed strange and funny. Usually friends laugh whenever I take camera and got to shot them. From that day when my friend showed me the above photo in his phone, I knew why they had to laugh whenever I take photographs. 

It is happiness in it to let laugh others and do enjoy oneself with them. I love it!!


  1. Keep taking pictures, they really do capture time, you can always go back and remember that moment :)

  2. I too love photography. There is a joy the one hold a camera. By the way you look cool in above picture. Nice click. Keep going bro..:D

  3. I love photography too but then I lack photography skills and the equipment :P . You must be good with it. :)

  4. dont capture dick faces na jaroooo


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