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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happiness or Purpose?

Does it differ from one to another? Does the definition suffice to all human beings? What is happiness? 

Once upon a time there lived six boys. They were friends, from different parent.  And the backgrounds of their parents were diverse. Most of the time they mingled together, playing, gossiping and mostly studying. They were student somewhere where the heat of modernization wasn’t intensified. 

There were two SOnam Jiks among them. In order to shun perplexity they supplemented T and S after surname indicating Tall and Short. Sonam Jiks T and Sonam Jiks S. Further abbreviated to SJT and SJS. Does it sound cool? 

One fine day they went on excursion. They were travelling through a beautiful lawn. Out of nowhere they switched on to discuss about how an individual label happiness.  One of them asked, “What happiness to you?” 

Two of them said the happiness for him is managing to survive. For one owning buildings and expensive vehicles best describe him to be happy ever. For SJS and SJT happiness to them is having a likeness of Cristano Ronaldo and Brad Pit. For another one getting hold of tiger skin, elephants’ tusk, nine eyed Zee etc believe him to be happy. To marry a beautiful girl in their life and to be her erotic hubby will let them happy to all except SJS, not to be erotic to his wife. 

Their notion on happiness differs. Happiness differs a great deal in which how they want to pilot their life. Within individual definitions of happiness fluctuate. Our hope turns to fear, fear to hope, suffering to happiness, happiness to suffering. 

When we are child walking long distance, carrying on dad or mom’s back is happiness. As teenagers, watching the girls in bikinis is happiness. In our midlife, money and profession are happiness. And when we are old, late eighties, to be kind is happiness I guess? It is indeed that we grow old diminishing the hate and partiality. Everything gets subsided under the thought of futility. And is it happiness or purpose? 

Be Happy and smile. 

What is happiness for you? Let me know if you are happy to share and smile.


  1. I signed up for your email when you post... and I didn't get that either... something is wrong with your blog Sangay, it won't post to Bloglovin, GFC or email me when you post. I just have to check in from time to time.

    Happiness is simple to me... basically it is the simple things of having love in my life... I am trying to be happy without David... I'm not doing the greatest job... lately I just workout a lot to cover the loneliness.. have a great day Sangay... :)

    1. Thank you so much for your time. I never know what is really happening with the updates. I tried figuring out but still it never work.

      Nice to know about you and I pray for your happiness and well being.


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