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Friday, October 18, 2013

Youngman with Tolerance

Young man in his twenties is nowhere to set off. He is all alone in his thoughts. The path to his destiny is set. But it seems boring and tedious yet rewarding. He is cool indeed and let happenings pass by. He is neither lunatic nor success fanatic yet he is in the joy to attribute his longevity. I love the way I am. I am Sangay Duba. 

Yesterday told me I was nervous. It forced to be in the situation of war zone. Today told me let’s face it. Yea, I faced it. The situation was in the triumphant victory of what I learned. I told what I learned in the project review. And finally it gave me the smile of satisfaction. After the end, I was again into the philosophy of what happiness is with professor Ananta from Orissa. It was a hectic day with immense contentment.


  1. Warren Buffet said: There are no two yous. So, love the way you are. Great spirit.

  2. That's is the spirit bro. Keep going, By the way congratulation for your blog for attaining a CENTURY pageviews. Keep blogging..

  3. An abrupt halt do we have to confront when hardships or turmoils encroach our doorsteps, a nagging debate inside whether to take it or let it go. But the former never fail to reward us with contentment and happiness. Nice post.


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