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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It is a beautiful Dream

Inspired by the “beautiful Sunday” of Daniel Boone, it is my own beautiful dream for you. 

Sunday night I had a dream.
I think I have known the truth of my dream.
It was a beautiful dream indeed.

Monday morning I have seen you,
Walking slowly behind me in real.
Hey, hey, your smile makes me mad like a dream.

Tuesday evening I reflected on your smile.
I think your smile should intact in my mind,
Hey, hey, it makes me feel mild.

Wednesday afternoon I have seen you during the lunch
I have seen you with wide beam.
Fine, fine, fine it definitely suits you to smile.

Thursday taught me what I shall proceed.
Whole day I was alone in my room,
Lost in the thoughts of your smile and beauty.
Hey, hey, hey your smile makes me feel cool.

Friday morning away in the lawn
In and around the beautiful dandelion,
The zephyr of your smile hallucinates on my face.

Saturday told me what I have perceive
My heart beat to say I am in love
That the sequel of your smile is heavy
Hey, hey, hey I am flying away in the aroma of your smile…..

Friday, October 18, 2013

Youngman with Tolerance

Young man in his twenties is nowhere to set off. He is all alone in his thoughts. The path to his destiny is set. But it seems boring and tedious yet rewarding. He is cool indeed and let happenings pass by. He is neither lunatic nor success fanatic yet he is in the joy to attribute his longevity. I love the way I am. I am Sangay Duba. 

Yesterday told me I was nervous. It forced to be in the situation of war zone. Today told me let’s face it. Yea, I faced it. The situation was in the triumphant victory of what I learned. I told what I learned in the project review. And finally it gave me the smile of satisfaction. After the end, I was again into the philosophy of what happiness is with professor Ananta from Orissa. It was a hectic day with immense contentment.

Monday, October 14, 2013

I love photography

I love photography and it is another enthusiasm that I really enjoy. It gives me immense pleasure to let me know and inform me about that it says thousand words. The moment of click and the moment does it inform is in itself the great essence of photography. For the same click and when the output is strange, it gives enormous contentment and satisfaction for it describes loads of things it has to say. 
The photo above was taken by my friend when we were on study tour to Punatshangchu. I never knew about my post as well when I take photographs. It is indeed strange and funny. Usually friends laugh whenever I take camera and got to shot them. From that day when my friend showed me the above photo in his phone, I knew why they had to laugh whenever I take photographs. 

It is happiness in it to let laugh others and do enjoy oneself with them. I love it!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First follower of "The Bhutanese Crow"

Hello Karma Thinley.

A chronicle of revolution of Sangay Cholden’s Random Thought was contributed with another journey for being the first follower of the blog “TheBhutanese Crow” authored by Karma Thinley.

Thank you very much for the wonderful say on me about my chance and luck to be the first follower of your wonderful blog. I am flattered indeed.

And I am sorry, there is letter ‘l’ missing in the name you have mentioned. It should be Sangay Cholden.

It was my pleasure to follow your blog and read superb articles. And yes, it is my history in the blogging world that I got to be first follower of a blog.

And I beg your pardon for the late reply.

Experiences are always good and challenging. Feelings and life tells me to maintain more interpretation in black and white. I feel more to write but fail to scribble down and say yea I have done it! And popularity isn’t the choice and criteria for my blog. Writing what I think (random thoughts) and reading what others wrote and simultaneously learning and making life worth is what interest me in blogging world. The more I write and read the more I do know about me and my life.

As of now I don’t have anything to comment and suggest. It is good to keep your blog simple. If you add more gadgets and make it fancy, it takes time to load.

I wish you happy blogging and hope we can know better being as blogger and be happy and smile as human. It is the ultimate goal in life.

Thank you

Sangay Cholden Duba

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happiness or Purpose?

Does it differ from one to another? Does the definition suffice to all human beings? What is happiness? 

Once upon a time there lived six boys. They were friends, from different parent.  And the backgrounds of their parents were diverse. Most of the time they mingled together, playing, gossiping and mostly studying. They were student somewhere where the heat of modernization wasn’t intensified. 

There were two SOnam Jiks among them. In order to shun perplexity they supplemented T and S after surname indicating Tall and Short. Sonam Jiks T and Sonam Jiks S. Further abbreviated to SJT and SJS. Does it sound cool? 

One fine day they went on excursion. They were travelling through a beautiful lawn. Out of nowhere they switched on to discuss about how an individual label happiness.  One of them asked, “What happiness to you?” 

Two of them said the happiness for him is managing to survive. For one owning buildings and expensive vehicles best describe him to be happy ever. For SJS and SJT happiness to them is having a likeness of Cristano Ronaldo and Brad Pit. For another one getting hold of tiger skin, elephants’ tusk, nine eyed Zee etc believe him to be happy. To marry a beautiful girl in their life and to be her erotic hubby will let them happy to all except SJS, not to be erotic to his wife. 

Their notion on happiness differs. Happiness differs a great deal in which how they want to pilot their life. Within individual definitions of happiness fluctuate. Our hope turns to fear, fear to hope, suffering to happiness, happiness to suffering. 

When we are child walking long distance, carrying on dad or mom’s back is happiness. As teenagers, watching the girls in bikinis is happiness. In our midlife, money and profession are happiness. And when we are old, late eighties, to be kind is happiness I guess? It is indeed that we grow old diminishing the hate and partiality. Everything gets subsided under the thought of futility. And is it happiness or purpose? 

Be Happy and smile. 

What is happiness for you? Let me know if you are happy to share and smile.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who am I?

No one is same. Each person on earth is unique. We have our own physical characteristics. Some of us have red hair, some have blue eyes and some tall and some are too short. We differ by personalities. Some are shy, stubborn and some fearless. There are characteristics that we were born with and some we inculcate through our experiences.  And we are never conscious to notice such vivid stuffs which matters our daily lives. 

When you don’t know who you are there are chances that the consequences will teach, who really you are. You will not remember how you have lived your past. You will not enjoy how you are going with present. And you will not see the future. 

It is hard to die young. It is bad to make mistakes. It is burden to know the truth of how miserable will be if you don’t know the truth about your life. Under the influence of not knowing the best in you by the power of negligence and society, aroma of young will not continue far till the end. 

Decision is very important in your life. If you want to drive your own life better be yourself a good driver. It is better to decide now of your own and live a life worth living. Decide to whom you want to spend rest of your life. There are many boys and girls without parents and brought up under the care and guidance of uncle and aunt. And there are millions who are lucky enough to live with dear parents. The day will come for everyone to live and lead life of your own. And the best motivation is to get marry. 

Marry the choice of your heart. Bury and blend the suggestions and feedbacks with your love from your parents or someone whom you are dependent to. It is indeed curse for few to let bury their true inner essence of love in the fear of seem rejection that you are offering if you don’t go with their choice.
image from Google!!!

Once upon a time in a village called Bayyuel, there lived a beautiful girl. She was living with her aunt and uncle. When she was in class ten her parents got divorced and there was no destiny for her since then. Father went with stepmother and her mother couldn’t live long to see how her left out kids grow to face the challenging world. Only option left was to live with her aunt, the elder sister of her gone mom. 

After class twelve she didn’t continue her study. She chose to work. She was employed in an organization. Almost everything was done to her by aunt and uncle. Her younger sisters and brothers were too looked after by them. 

The biggest day came for her when she was asked by her aunt to marry a man of their choice. She has never known the man. She has not studied the man in depth. She was carried away in the fear of refusal and reaction from her aunt and uncle. Blindly she accepted the proposal and agreed that he was good and will be good throughout her life. Her life was decided by her aunt. 

But her notion proved wrong after few months of her into marriage life. The real characters of her husband as wild is known and almost everything was a big bombshell for her. And she was busted into the wild with emotions and thus again the shadow appeared in her life. 

Decide your own life no matter what others might say you to do, ultimately you are breathing independently.