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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Prescience of 2014, the New Year

Gone were days. Addition makes week. When the weeks are added it becomes month. And finally upon adding the gone months it is a year. Goodbye 2013. The memories were bitter, good and hilarious. The bitter memories alarm me to rise again. The good memories make me to smile and ponder the reflected thoughts back to times of 2013. Hilarious times rule me everywhere and yet it is aroma of being humorist in all moods.

Nothing special I wish for me and sentient beings. Just I want to wish happiness and peace to all. I wish Happy New Year to all!!! Happy New Year, 2014.  

Hope the January welcomes you sound. December shall close with much good memories. The months between shall dwell for the paramount happiness.

I say candidly Goodbye to 2013. The memories were bitter for few sections of the society. They had to bear the misery of elemental fury. Their homes were razed to the ground in the bombing blizzard, cyclone, hailstorm, hurricane, fire, and list goes on. People were homeless. They struggled. They lost their dear one. They lose fate in life. Yet they were reassured and gave helping hand.

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People fought for their right. If the judgment is worth hearing it is worth fighting for. People lost respect for the law. They want the leader to resign. They disturbed the peace and harmony in the society. The world is suffering from the political humbug. Yet world revolves round seeking for the change.

I artlessly welcome 2014. Finally we are back to the base.  Let the world be calm. Let the people be humble. Let the politicians at least discern the difference between the reality and their promises. Let not the nature’s force destroy the innocent lives. Let power of almighty rule and let the people build faith among. Finally let the base be built to raise the bud to bloom the flowering the acme.

Happy New Year 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

Back in 2013

2012 ended with much fear. World was feared by the rumor of the bullshit predicted doomsday. Yet the fear went away when fresh new 2013 begun. Still 2012 will be the year for disenchantment with the way people tried for disharmony and dissonance. Little old 2013 embarked upon the endear success and failures that I have to share…

Yes, time and tide wait for none. It goes on and on. Never on its happiness neither off its glee, will dare to wait for none. Time does have an endless and tireless journey of reminders for me. Yet it is my own aide-mémoire to remember in my future.

Starting the fresh beginning of 2013, I was in sixth semester in the college that always taught me the vitality of what time is! The year was new. I have my own share to study the old stuffs once more. For the first time I was alone in a room. For the first time I had to repeat the semester. Engineering is not a cup of tea for me, really! No one is perfect for if we are, you won’t be here on earth and I won’t be too. And nobody will be on earth. That is why I had second chance to fight the battle of technical studies. Finally I won.

Midway through the year, I was in seventh semester, final year in the college. It was the time of joy and bossy boots. Yet it was challenging with the project work for the fulfillment of degree programme. Struggling and wedged between the project, seminar and update of the class lessons, finally I am done with exams and again attached for the On-the Job-Training (OJT). It is considered as a module in eighth semester.
With Jigme at Buddha Point, 2013!

I have visited historic Lhuntse for the first time admitting the genuine addition excursion in the chronology of events in life. It was worth visiting yet dazzling to the erudite book of History of Bhutan. Inevitably I am to-ing and fro-ing between Lingmithang and Gyelposhing in Mongar and thus it ends 2013. Yet I will begin my year visiting the Guru at Tangmachu, Lhuntse. Hope I get the blessings and I will pray for the peace in the world and happiness of the people.
Survey on the Dam, Kurichu Hydro Power Plant, 2013!

I wish everyone Happy New Year 2014. Smile and Be happy!!!
End of 2013 and beginning of 2014! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beautiful Lhuntse

History taught me about Lhuntse and its importance. It has brighten my thoughts on how Bhutan is special with little Lhuntse we have. Today I was on my journey to a site at the place of great historic importance. Yet I remember our forefathers Jigme Namgyel and Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk’s struggle to fortify Bhutan.

Beautiful Chali of Mongar Dzongkhag with beautiful yellowish terraces lead my way. Below and above the road, I can see happy Bhutanese enjoying the daily works for their livelihood. Valleys are incredible. Green Khuri chhu is calm yet it is making its fix way opposite to my journey.

The carriageway is very small. It is not up to the laid standard on the book. I felt like the road actually doesn’t have vehicular access as per the required standard. I never know the exact reason why the system is like that but I grumble on the ultimate reason of budget constrain from the responsible persons. Still it was worth plying on seeing the beautiful historic sites of the country.

Mountains and small towns are almost same. It is decorated with dried shrubbery and constructed with pine woods. And yet I find it is most vulnerable to fire. There is no single firefighting equipment I could see in those little towns. Bumthang and Wamrong town succumbed to fire outbreak few years ago. The same fate would happen to these lined houses of Khoma and Lhuntse towns unless otherwise people are totally vigilant. Locality needs to pine for the fire safety and fighting equipments.

Kuri Chhu is calm and it divides the modern and traditional route. Left bank bears the road access and from the left bank on the same height I can see the shunted traditional route. Bhutan has excelled in travelling amenities. It has to go long way to be safe from fire. Yet forest needs to be saved.
Kuri Chhu

Seeing those routes, I blend my thoughts with how people might have struggled to reach the fortress that is held so high on the peak of the mountain. Still people use these routes. It is beautiful to see and good to visualize how great leaders of the past had faced the harsh reality to unify Bhutan. It is again indeed sad to see the sturdy foundation of the shunted bridge.
Lhuntse Dzong

I yearn to sit beside old citizens of the locality and listen to how the past of the region were.  Yet I desire to visit Dungkar gewog. I have bucketloads of charm to visit again.  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Beautiful Eyes I have ever Seen

Life is all about experimenting and experiencing the beautiful and bad moment in it. The journey strewn with beautiful leaves will reveal its most beautiful aroma that one will not forget in the entire journey. It is not all about beauty and good. Yet it is rude by itself to reveal its bad face. And collectively it is the journey of zigzag path just like river. Twists, turns, bends and falls are uncountable. As is the life. Yet it is beautiful to live it to the fullest and best to learn from bad.

On the meandering ways of river of my life, I observe the beauty of what we see the beauty around us – the eyes. It is the prized gift of nature to all of us. It is sad for some nature hasn't played fair. But few lost the precious gift due to accident. How sad it is? When we close the door of sight we reminisce how surrounding looked like. And for who hasn't seen, I contemplate on how they are thinking? I know they desire endlessly for the gift.

Basically I am going to share beautiful and lively eyes I have seen. Because they are inspiring piece for me to pounder my thoughts of appreciation.

It is indeed great lost for the world. The world mourned for the death of Nelson Mandela. Indeed People around the globe are suffering from bereavement. A man with so beautiful eyes and with beautiful dreams he had fulfilled. I anticipate yet another Mandela will be born for the further unification of the broken world.
Nelson Mandela

Though people will live without you, definitely they will remember the deep sense you have instill through the deep eyes of love and compassion. Rest in peace.  Your beautiful eyes, handsome face and impactful life will be remembered forever.

I found these eyes of someone on facebook. It is simply awesome and charming. It is innocent yet fulfilling the ramification of beauty of the world. I owe them for the beautification and adding value in me to embrace the world with love.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

With Kushal Ashok

Sorry Ashok and readers. I failed to post soon after our meet since I was busy gearing around my tight schedule. Yet another point in the chronology of my memory is added. Thank you Ashok for your time with me.

We were merely a facebook friend. We are facebook friend because I am from Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon. He loves Bhutan very much. He is from the land of magnificent tigers, India, wonderful big brother to my country. His name is Kushal Ashok. He is computer engineer by profession at Infosys. He did engineering degree from Punjabi University. He is motorcycling enthusiast. I remember our converse on facebook, the love to visit my country for biking. I profoundly welcomed him. He visited Bhutan twice. When he visited for the second time it is my first time to meet someone whom I knew online.

I am not going to describe how we met. When I first saw him, he was facing to his motherland in Jaigon. And when he suddenly turned his position to my motherland, I went smiling to him for a big welcoming hug. Yea, he was coming with profound smiling for the strong introduction. “Are you Sangay?’, ‘yea I am. ‘Are you Ashok?’... Yet still smiling we hug and came in to my silent country. I met him in the bordering state in Jaigon and preceded our walk into Phuntsholing, little town of my country.

We had wonderful dinner at Hotel Peljorling. And here are some of dinner and walking snap of our short meet. Welcome again Ashok.
Second serve of rice

After dinner

SHort walk to Zangdopelri 
Nations as two are so connected and so are the subjects. Happy Indo – Bhutan friendship and Kushal Ashok – Sangay friendship and long live indeed.