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Monday, June 9, 2014

My update~~ (Life Cycle Costing in Bhutanese Construction Industry)

I was away for long. Final semester kept me busy. Yet, worth it! The research project titled; “Life Cycle Costing for Building” was completed successfully. I have to prepare final conference paper and left with presentation for the external examiners which are due after exams.

Exams are going on. Last paper is due on 14, Saturday – Hydraulic Structures and Water Power Engineering. 

If I have to swear, I should swear that I won’t be doing research on Bhutanese construction industry again. Nothing is maintained in the industry. Not even a single data is available. Anyways the research was worth accomplished. Better I don’t complain!

I want to share abstract of my research project.

Significant knowledge gaps exist in the knowledge of Life Cycle Costing and the alternatives selection of building materials in the construction industry. In order to fulfill the gaps a questionnaire survey was developed for 319 respondents in using the Life Cycle Costing for the Bhutanese construction industry. Life Cycle Cost Analysis of selected components of the selected building was done taking into account relevant economic factors: initial costs, maintenance and operational costs. The maintenance and operation costs are generally ignored in building industry especially in design stage. For this research, the method of LCC, present worth cost approach was evaluated with projection of building service life as 60 years, inflation rate as 9.07% and discount rate as 0%.

About 52% of the respondents do not have idea about LCC when making investment decisions nor do they not take maintenance, operation and replacement cost into consideration. The lack of significant input-cost data and lack of experience appears to be the most important problem supported by 78% responded lack of experience and 62% responded lack of significant input-cost data.

The LCC analysis showed that ceramic tiles, pre-painted CGI sheet and LED lamp has the lowest life cycle cost among the many material alternatives available in the market, that is, 16% for LED lamp, 13% for ceramic tiles and 64% for pre-painted CGI sheet.

Life Cycle Costing comparison

I would love to share the document for educational purpose if anyone wishes to go through. 

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  1. Good luck with those final papers and exams Sangay ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, good luck with your exams and that Saturday paper! I remember my own final papers at the end of the year would be so involved by the time I posted them that when I reread them later, I didn't even understand them - my field was Philosophy, LOL. This Engineering stuff is just a tiny bit over my head, LOL!

  3. All the best for your final project. Make the presentation in a wonderful way which impress others.


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