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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Birthday~

I have known my day to celebrate as my birthday ever since I joined facebook. Thank you friends on facebook for wonderful wish and I anticipate your wish will make my life unending with loads of happiness and comfort.
I was surprised when my brother send me picture message adorned with beautiful happy birthday note on it. I didn’t believe him. Immediately I crosschecked with my citizenship identity card. Yes, the date match up exactly and on June 17, 1989 I was born. Big thank you brother, your big brother got instant to smile.
It is not my obsession that I consider seriously. What is the logic in counting my days of becoming a useless inefficient man lol? It is not very dignified celebrating my own birthday. But it reminds me to pray for the peace for everyone. I love doing that. Let each and every individual who breadth to die contain happiness before the exact day to the tomb lol!
Jokes apart, Once again I want to thank people for wishing me and my prayers are always with you all. Be happy and smile.
I want to share very recent photo, which was snapped 8 hours earlier than my birthday on the helipad above my hostel in College of Science and Technology. It will be memory since I have few days left to leave this wonderful college.
8 hours prior to my birthday
One gentle reminder to all – yea I am going to get off with beer today and it will be my souvenir in my entire life!!!
Thank you all.
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  1. When one year gets added unto your age, you're getting wiser by a year. Happy Birthday Bro. May your life ahead be filled with bliss!

  2. Happy Birthday Sangay! Wish you blessed with good health, wealth, luck, life full of joy and happiness! Have a wonderful day! :)

  3. A wonderful birthday! Nice birthday post though.

  4. Happy Birthday Sangay, I hope you have an amazing day with lots of fun and friends :)

    1. Thank you maim Launna. You are always with me~ Thank you

  5. Happy Birthday and all the best !

  6. Happy Birthday, Sangay! I hope you had an AWESOME day!


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