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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time for the lotus to bloom

Never in my life will I hate mud. Sometimes I assure the rose and the lotus poignant the charm of my serenity being. My heart became bustling with enchanted ecstasy and agony then. And again it is not my right to hate those.

Learning is the most beautiful phenomena in the world. Ofcousrse, the highest, that is true, we are mundane matters without learning.

I have seen lotus and rose grow from the dirty mud. They come out of the mud. I was dirty even. I don’t hate mud. I behold and blend those to define my tune characters to be good gentleman. Yes, it is time for the lotus to bloom. Otherwise how can I help the mud to release the lotus?
Image from: danpani.org
Helped the mud; taken care of the mud, so that I can conceive of handsome gentleman. If you see the lotus, you can’t believe that it comes out of dirty mud. But it comes: it is the expression of dirty mud.

Not many days are left for me to get pluck from the campus garden and work somewhere. And yes, I am graduating soon. 
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  1. What an original and beautiful flower ! Great photo !

  2. Yay you will be graduating soon... that is so awesome Sangay :)

    I love the flower... really nice :)

  3. sweeeet!!!
    do you follow each other?
    let me know!


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