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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally he came up with a Blog

I am going to introduce to Bhutanese bloggers and in fact to the world that a new blogger was born few days ago. He is no other then my good friend Jigme Tenzin, he who likes to spell his name as Jigmey.

We have been together for many years. I have known him in depth in those years. We didn’t realize how those years passed so swiftly. We are nearing to the departing point. Within few days we are departing. Yet everything will be cherished and good memories shall remind us wherever we work in future.

I am not a good writer. I write my random thoughts randomly because of my interest. I don’t think I can inspire anyone to write and blog. I am not worth it. Yet he is the one who was inspired by what little I do regularly. He read whatever I write and sarcastically say that I am a good writer.
Author of the blog!
At last he came up with his own blog to share his thoughts. He kept the name as Jigmmey’s Thoughts with description, in view of developing habit of writing down my thoughts and ideas.

I wish him best journey ahead in the blogging world. I hope he will come up with inspiring articles and photographs which he promised me.

Trashi Delek

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