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Sunday, June 22, 2014

She was Beautiful

I want to share beautiful grandma who was so jolly and lively at her age. I met her when I was at Lingmethang five months ago. She was living near Kuri Zampa bridge. I went there to meet my relatives, who are monk at the monastery.

It was sunny day. I was with camera hanging from my neck. Far near the bridge she saw me taking picture of the bridge and swimming bird in the river. She was waving her hand, very happy with open smile. I felt the genuine welcoming call that she wanted me to come near her. I went near her.

She looked straight into the lens!

She said; ‘your camera isn’t worth for the bridge and river only. Instead capture my beauty and smile’. My friend was smiling and giggling behind me. I felt, oh! Really? Yea she was happy at her age and she was beautiful.
Her smile was bright!

Even today when I see her photos, it gives me moment to smile and remember her.  The short converse we had was wonderful and her dialogue was insightful.

She laughed at last!!
Long live grandma. My prayers are always with you. 

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  1. Everytime I pass that way, I see her near the road. She has grandchildren to look after all by herself, yet she lives happily.

  2. This was a beautiful post about your grandma Sangay :)

  3. Bro...you could have printed her photo and gave her, she would be much more happy...:) Just my suggestion if you haven't gave her one.

    1. Nice idea brother. I will do this when I go next time~


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