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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Bird

Remember my story about Little Bird? You know the bird that I had to push away?

She didn’t want to go anywhere…she took walks with me perched on my finger…but one day, I had to push her away. I had to fling her up,up,up into the sky with a great big PUSH and JUMP. I had to fling him up as high as I could reach! Not because I wanted to…it’s the last thing I wanted to do! But because I knew he would be happier up in the trees and flying around in the sky with his family and friends…you know…where he belonged.

When I got her (my dad and I found her wounded in one wing, lying by the wayside), I loved her so much, and I wanted her to be mine forever. I nursed her back to health, and she became a part of my everyday life. We would take walks and she never tried to fly away.

But then after a while of having her, I found out that I loved her more than how I first loved her. I loved her so much now, that even if it would tear my heart out to throw him into the air under those big, big trees arched above me, I knew I had to do it because up there… in those trees… was where she was supposed to be. That’s where she would be really happy.

Even if she didn’t know it yet.

I did.

Some of us have little birds…but a different kind…a kind without wings. And some of us are little birds…someone’s little bird. We love so much that we want to keep forever. Then we fall even more in love later and we have to push away. Or we let someone take us in…someone who wants to keep us forever. Then they fall in love with us more and with a big PUSH and JUMP they fling us up,up,up into the sky as high as they can reach! Not because they want to…it’s the last thing they want to do! But because they know we’ll be happier somewhere where they can’t go…somewhere we belong.

Even if we don’t know it yet.

They do.


  1. Little bird is just like an ocean wave. nice one :D

  2. jarooo why dont u bring that little bird to college ha..pempus laugh


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