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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sex and Society

 As a man who passed the youth stage and twenty two year old male, my mind often ends up in the gutter and thinking something nasty, people may say. Impure thoughts about the opposite sex are a common part of our day to day life. Yet we should never use sex as a game.

As we go through our adolescence stage, exploring our sexuality comes naturally. It is something that we thoroughly enjoy, but when does curiosity actually kill the cat?

A good friend of mine was telling me the story of how a bunch of people decided it would be fun to play a sex game at a very wild party.They placed a bag over a girl's head, put her in a room and then the young men would take turns of having sex with her in the room. It ended up that her brother had sex with her because her face was covered.

I can't tell if this story is actually true, or a terrible rumor, but the level that our generation takes in exploring peoples’ sexuality disturbs us.
I am not saying that sex is only appropriate, when we're in love. Sex is great, but when do you begin to lose your integrity?
The way people view SEX in today’s society is basically the total opposite of how people viewed it 50 years ago. Back then it was seen as something to do in privet. Today it’s seen as a way to sell clothes, cars, movies, etc.

The real problem in today’s society is how teens view sex. We the youth should know such stuff about sex. Some guys may view it as something that the sooner you have sex the better, and the more you have it the cooler you are. Girls see it as something to do after you've been dating for around 6 months.

In today’s world there's no such thing as innocents. For all the parents reading this if you think your kid is having sex your right and if you don't then think again. As far as how adults in today’s society view sex it’s pretty easy to guess. Everything we see on TV, Internet ads, newspaper ads was conceived by adults so there view is clear.

I think we should start to curb our curiosity and gain a little self-control, if we want to look back with pride at our youth. If things continue the way they're going pretty soon it'll be a common thing to see middle school kids buying condoms and 12 year olds having abortions.

I’m not saying the way the world view's sex is apocalyptic, but changes should definitely be made if we want to retain some sort of innocents and decency in our society.


  1. I agree......Bhutanese youths need sex education in schools...

  2. when there are innocents in this world we need such awareness.....

  3. jarooo....zamine bak la nan gee rang tshab ni chumla ni hang alay ya ni


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