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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smile when you read your Diary

For me everything I do is Random and Thoughts too.

I am in fact a fun loving person for which my name Duba justifies nonetheless. Fun is what I need really and enjoy all times, everywhere and with everybody. This is what gives me refreshing atmosphere and enjoyable jiffy. The instant I say something I feel myself smile and laugh for which my friends sometimes call me psycho. Whatsoever may be, the more you are witty, and more you are joyful. This is the real power of being comical.

When I was a little boy way back in my village, I used to do mischievous and take advantage of certain situation. I have my links with my friends who are all of same age. Together we did everything. Once we went to filch peach from an orchid. We knew that an orchid is guarded by a lady who can’t speak properly but can understand. We were five of us and went with bag each tied on back. We were tempted and rushed to the orchid as soon as we see a tree replete of fruit. We climbed up and got our own share. Suddenly we heard a familiar sound. To our dismay a lady was shouting to her pitch and was running to us. Without knowing anything to act we immediately ran. We were broken down of fear. And we cried a lot. Auuf!! What a great fear.

At the age of six I was admitted to school. It was three to four hours walk for kids but roughly one and half hour for adult. It was embarrassing for the first time with so many kids together. We had one Karalian Mathematics teacher who used to beat more than teaching. The moment he enter the class he’ll search for my friend Sonam who is his favorite to thrash him with slight mistake. “You you, Pangthangpa Gopoen (head of Pangthang village)” with this dialogue he will hit on his head. But he wouldn’t cry. We had terrible teacher while we were in primary school. They wouldn’t spare us for simple mistake. They would beat us as if we are not kids that we are there to learn from them.

Once, it’s my friend Pema, who is now employed as health professional, we were in class one. There was no teacher in EVS class. We were shouting and chatting. All of a sudden he unconstrained huge gas. The moment he stood up I saw a potato slice that was popped out from his ass. We couldn’t control the situation. He was blushed. From that we called him Joktang.

As a young boy I have to walk everyday three hours to school and back home too. In total I had to walk six hours daily. The journey was challenging during summer. Many hungry leeches, snakes, ugly langurs, naughty monkeys and cute birds were what we used to encounter daily. This incident occurred one fine afternoon when I was on my journey back home after Saturday classes. My friends were together with me. All of sudden we saw a big grand monkey collecting maize in the field below the path. We shouted at, but no damn. Then I told my friends to be silent and I said “Oii zala meymey hang aancha?”(What you are doing monkey grandfather?). he happily smiled back at us. We were shocked and busted to laugh. Again my friend asked, “nan ga aabee ooga deewa ya?”(Where is your mate-grandmother?). He was silent for a while and walked away in the forest. That time we were young to think, why this monkey smiled at us and why he went silently in the forest when we ask where your grandmother is. When I think today I feel I am smiling inside. May be she is death. May be he came alone or maybe she gave birth. We can see how understanding the adult animals are like human adults.

It was again one fine Sunday afternoon; I was on journey with my friends to attend the evening and night study. I was suffering from diarrhea. We had one girl with us. In fact most of my friend loves the girl but they couldn’t confess to her. We were chatting and walking. All of a sudden I lost control to hold; luckily I was with my long pant. I thought she heard the sound. I was blushed for a while. Thinking off I looked at them, they were on the go. Slowly I dragged myself back from them and changed my pant and thrown away in the bushes. By then I was in class six. From that day I comprehend never to walk with girls if I am suffering from diarrhea. It’ll be terrible if she knows.

Here in CST there are many red dogs. They know who are residing in the campus. If we hear them barking cruelly, it is for sure that the outsider is inside the campus. Once I was walking to my class. A dog, oldest of all was waiting, May be not for me. But he was looking to me as if I have hit him. When I was near he is still looking to me. Then I instantly took my book and hit on his forehead. Immediately he ran away with sympathetic mourn. Sometimes I feel animals too cheat me .. hahaha..

When I share these to my friends they all laugh hysterically. They even told me not to repeat such in future since they can’t bear to laugh tearfully.

Our life is uncertain you know. We in no way know when we will eternally leave this wonderful mother earth. Actually we are born to die. In the journey of our own life we face with any kind of situations. When we think back, it seems we are reading our diary. And it gives a refreshing and jovial instant. Whatever the situation be, it is for sure that one day or other we will remember it. So, that is why once when we are having the golden opportunity to be as human, write your diary to the fullest and smile when you read it after long long time back.


  1. Nice one bro. Liked reading it. :)

  2. Ayy..dorma ga khi shor khey wala mey..haha.. scope down delay cham pa la ni :D but god saved u anyway nice one kota salman :)

  3. hehe... thankx Dempem, It was once upon a time,


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