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Saturday, February 11, 2012


At a certain time in our life we try to find someone, who match with us. It is referring to the searching of suitable partner for whole life bonding. To someone it is true love or true life partner. It is normal and at the age of sixteen-eighteen or so we start to feel it. But at the age the true love actually does not come, it is called fantasy or fascination on opposite gender. Maturity matters to choose someone. The teenagers are engulfed with full of fascination. In this time someone may dream about her classmate, neighbor even if it is not uncommon to think or possess about someone who is too much older than him. At the tender age boys mostly found any heroine as their dream woman. 

The reason is for their beauty and seductive expression, which makes them to be fascinated. The beautiful actress has evoked boys’ fantasy. The boys get ardently passionate about the actress to get her physically and all time used to dream about her to make courtship. I can remember the same thing when I saw few western actresses online. At the time I was just eighteen and I am now too not that old to be called man and I become fascinated seeing beautiful body, expressive eyes, lips and the unavoidable curves. It makes my passion at such a level that I was totally obsessed seeing at a glance for someday.

It is very tender age and it should be handled carefully by the superiors. At the age we step towards maturity both physically and mentally. The hormonal changes within body actives the reproductive organs and the changes in body & mind keep us busy to stick to some fascination. Actually it is the starting point of towards maturity and then the attractiveness and manhood personality awakes in us. So to impress a girl or by their style and get fascinated on some beautiful one is very common among the boys and vice versa. At the time of internet, visiting any adult site and seeing some hot pose pictures are commonly known among us. We do visit usually adult links to view seductive models. In internet these types of sites and models are available in full range. Visiting these types of sites is not bad literally but of it becomes practice it becomes affective. Now the time is very dangerous. The popular media is giving hike those types of entertainment, which is totally weird, unfruitful and unethical. For instance, take any type of dance or singing reality show. Here we are telecasted kids and teenagers are given platform to do some mature job in immature voice or body.

Indirectly we are become pray of the market and our childhoods are totally destroyed in the earlier stage and it some realized later. Nowadays item dances are destroying totally the teenagers’ mind. The dance is nothing but a passionate appeal to destroy the youth’s mind. The bad elements are present and ready to create disturbance in teenagers’ productive mind. We should be careful to eliminate these harmful things, persons and TV channels.


  1. Nice one bro, I think it is natural for all to get involved in such fantasies, i also did..hehe..:):)

  2. Thank you bro!! yey it is funny too.. ^_^, keep visiting!!


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