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Friday, February 10, 2012

What we Desire for??

Yes we all desire for something that we like and wish to be. Actually sometimes no distrust we are desire oriented! As a little cute baby we desire to be cared and grow up soon to desire more things. Step by step we modify physically and mentally and accordingly the aspiration too alters.

As a young and diligent ten ager we desire to be loved and be successful.  No exception, everyone aspire to dance in an environment called love. We want our self to get the aroma of beauty and the serene panorama of opposite sex. We never wish to get hurt and rejected. Meandering rivers slowly following its way down, beautiful chirping birds, sun wonderfully rising with self and a moon halting to see thy beauty and handsome is the strong sense that all most all aspire to search out.

We are driving in the world of technology. I think it was not prophesied by any person that the world will become what it is today. We shun walking more and shun entertaining with the age old way of life.  Once upon a time people enjoy and outdo their time playing archery, kuru etc. These days’ people instead go for drayang and wave hand for taxi to reach their destination.  People drink and abuse more alcohol and drugs.
We aspire to drive glittery cars, walk majestically and even own flying artificial bird lol! We never desire to get recognized as ostensible cowboy. Actually we never want to be disgusted and deprived. We yearn to be like heroes in films.

Ironically in a Buddhist society where we are bound by the principles to do well and ultimately to be born in what we all expect heaven is left just otherwise. Instead we all suffer while we are alive and at the time of death. Enlightenment isn’t desirable by all beings. Verbally all are committed well. Prophecy to be born as non-human is questionable if we were good people while alive. Forthrightly people only desire to be sufficient while alive and never concern where to go after death!  Data zaju yuena chema gala dona do!!

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