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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

My beloved King

Sun rising from the horizon;
Birds chirping to its paramount melody;
Moon immaculate with respite smile;
And beautiful flowers sparkling to wish
You happy Birthday.

Elderly wrinkle with superfluous wrinkles
On their modest face
With extra splendid happiness
And enthusiast kids glisten to wish
You Happy Birthday.

Let the GOD adorn each
Golden ray of the sun
Reaching thy majesty with wishes of triumph,
Happiness and prosperity for you,
Wish you a marvelous Happy Birthday.

May peace, prosperity and affluence
Be always enshrining under your dynamic leadership.
Long live your Majesty and Happy Birthday.


  1. I join with you to wish His Majesty the Happy birthday. Long live our King.

  2. A beautiful poem. I join you in extending my prayers for His Majesty's well being and long life and that the people of Bhutan reap the joy of his majesty's dynamic and far sighted leadership.


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