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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a Week!!

Starting from Monday afternoon till date I have been enjoying my hobby. From 21st till 23rd it was the birth anniversary of His Majesty the King Jigme Kheser Namgay Wangchuck. Those were days where Bhutanese rejoice for having such compassionate, far sighting, smart and intellectual king. As a token of love and prayer to his majesty I have written a small poem and posted earlier to this.

The day was cool and clear. Early in the morning, Birds singing, wind blowing their best way to let beautiful leaves dance to their best style, sun gleefully smattering its rays equally to all was what I noticed from my window. It was 7:30. With my head held straight high and two hands in same position and moving from top till chest I bow to wish my king happy birthday and Long live. I thanked him for his concerns, vision, sacrifices and so on…

When it was 3:00 pm I was impatiently sited on a blue plastic chair in front of 24x7’’. Sooner or later when I saw little cute talented and extraordinary contestants of National Talent Hunt I was relieved and my pulse rate was normal. One after another they started performing. Ladies and gentlemen watching the show valued them with ever big round of applause. I was waiting. And I was waiting for Tshering Dorji to appear on the screen. I was prepared to clap for his well doing. And to my jovial and wish to win the show was fulfilled when he cheerfully lifted the Nu. 200000 cheque of BOB. Well done Mr. Little Tshering Dorji!  Well done to all the little kids of the show and I wish you a happy journey in your life.
Tshering Dorji

After the show I was again prepared to go to my relative’s home and enjoy Losar. It was on 22nd and coincided with the auspicious day. With my plate crammed with Phaksha and red rice I closed my eyes for few seconds to wish all people a Happy Losar. Let the dragon year bring to all what we desires and let there be harmony and peace always prevail in the society. Let all the new born be like dragon and rule the nation to his full strength and good history be always created in the name of dear Dragon. Let all is set for well and let peaceful dragon year change to a pleasant snake year without any regret of failure, harm, misery, fear, hatred and so on….

Since the days for the real prayers were gone I am now simply and confidently sleeping like pig. It is time for me to sleep and let the time approach for classes.

Happy weekend to all and Enjoy!!

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