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Saturday, February 4, 2012

On Her birthday!

One million apologies can't rectify my wrongs
Nor can one word I say
But I would like to tell you I value your friendship
So I'm going to try to alter my ways

I can't swear anything
Since it might turn into a lie
Then I could lose your companionship
And I don't wish to say goodbye

When I'm annoyed and I say I hate you,
Don't heed a word
Since I'll love you very much forever
So why I say it is fairly strange

Somehow we've suffered it
And you've excused me for it all
But I do it yet again
And then back to you I crawl

The point I'm trying to put over
Is to tell I still love you
And to have a happy birthday
And feel what I say is said by my heart

What's done is done keep that in mind
Cause you can't alter the past
So wipe clean the bad times
And have fun with your birthday while it lasts

What this rhyme is telling
Are my birthday wishes for you?
And whatever desires you have
I'll wish them for you too

You earn to have all your wishes
And all of your fancies come true
Since you're there for everyone specially me
And you constantly help me pull through

I'll miss you forever
And I trust you too miss me
Keep in mind that the past
Doesn't label who you're going to be

So many thanks for everything
And for assisting me on my way
My last wish for you
Is to have a happy birthday


  1. You do have a strong heart and a true love for her.
    I hope your message gets to her at the right moment at the right time.
    Take care!


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