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Thursday, February 9, 2012

When we don't feel Guilty!!

All people in this universe are born with one condition that to grow with time! Not many follow the desire path and not many do the desire things when they are mature. Different people have different perception and dreams. Not many of the speaking beings wants sufferings and it’ll be any wonder to see almost all strive for what they wish for.  The moment we are thrown out of mothers’ womb we sense the nature of being surrounding our self. Due to the different acuity of different beings and born from different mother we tend to develop totally diverse characters. Whatsoever the situation is, once upon a time it was not a matter of concern to anybody and as a whole to the society. Now the people have changed a lot but I am afraid to argue that the world has altered. Never will the world alter; it is we the people change.

We are in twenty first century, century where people know anything that is quit comparable to knowing nothing. Majority of the population in our country is in the age limiting 35 if I am not mistaken. Every home has youth. Youth- the future of the Nation, that are questioned and given profound concern by the concern authority and the concern guardians and parents.

What type of nation we have and in what category of family we are born doesn’t matter in what we do if we desire to do what we wish for. That is why it is becoming more and harder to curb the so called youth problems. All most all youth might have one way or other attended the religious discourse in respective schools, are taught lessons on religion as a subject and their elders definitely have taught what is good and bad. If we question if whether they are aware of cause and effect it’ll be wonder less to know that they are Buddhists to answer yes. How much they need to counsel, how much we can show right path and how much of them will follow what is desired and expected by the society and parents? These are the questions that all of us need to ask to our self and the youth themselves too. How much we pour water on the upside down pot it’ll be incredibly difficult to see not even a single drop stagnant in it.  

The main inspiration that we all must acquire is the sense of guilty. If we are guilty we’ll never do what we thought and think to do. Better in this developing world, if we learn to feel guilty to our self we’ll have cool society.
It is my personal thoughts and for in no doubt I think if we are culpable, we’ll not see our self in a situation where nobody desire to witness. If we are not guilty we will see same person distressing and frustrating the cool society.

Have the sense of guilty!! 

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