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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am Sang(j)ay Dutt

The real life is different from reel life. Anyone who is acting so profoundly nice on screen does not mean that he/she is good in real life. An actor who is giving life to many unfortunate girls who is promoting their body for money can be a great Don Juan. The act of valiant on screen does not always suffice when you see them divorcing with their spouse, and their strength on screen are mostly bargained for. 

The image of what that they have done on screen pierce deep down into the heart of audiences. The indifferent act of how you approach a beautiful girl, the act of how stylishly you reject someone, and the act of Great War boost the power of enjoyment. The comical acts conquer the real idea of how the grief and tension of someone blend to hysteric and happy you are to be. And that is how you became fan of someone who is good on the screen that better suits your likeness and sometimes you want to be alike him/her. 

It was shocking for me when I read about Sangay Dutt was convicted for illegal possession of arms and sentenced him to five years in prison. My heart echoed with sentiments. Numerous flashes and light interspersed my mind. It was great lost and complete nostalgic for me since I am great fan of Sanju Sir.

SAnjay Dutt
There was a time when I used to watch his film staggering on the round stone to level myself to the black and white screen TV. It was at Martshala Middle secondary school which was lower secondary school by then. There was no electricity and modern facilities. Only TV that school has was used solely to watch Shakti Man and Junior G which is scheduled and broadcasted once in a week on Sunday. We had privilege to watch only DD national Channel; Dordhasaan which was lone channel on antenna oriented black and white TV. Films were broadcasted only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that too at night late hours.  I used to wait for hours to watch his films after night study which was worth watching.

Though it will be great miss for his fan including fool me, Committing crime and the law forgiving the criminal is an issue of strength of judiciary. Judges can’t compromise the law of the state. And the guilty should be punished. And it is when guilty goes unpunished; people lose respect to the law. Irrespective of who you are, there is only common law for the land. 

The great boon you have created from your films like Munabhi MBBS and your role as Mahatma Gandhi are immense that your fans want you to give magic hug. Your confidence and the brave face in continuation the shooting of Policegiri, inspires everyone. And I am sending my magic hug to be brave and hope one day freedom will be worth more convicting now. Take care Sangju Sir and I pray you and your family be blessed.


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  2. Hi Sangay... interesting read... I agree that people need to pay for a crime... letting them go without punishment only teaches them they can get away with it... when really you cannot :)

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