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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you people all around the world

An unfathomable variety of emotions exists in this worldly realm.

Thank you people all around the world, hope you all are happy at least for a day today. Thank you, that my post about the day mean so much that it has shot up to the list of popular posts. 

Definitely people are so curious to know what to do on this particular day and how you have to feel though it pertains to what you do. Status on facebook, tweets on twitter all says about the day – happiness day! Bloggers has blogged about their perspectives on the day. The extraordinarily idea for all varies. An unfathomable variety of emotions exists in this worldly realm.

Happiness is got to do with so much hype and popularity. Whatever you desire, whatever you do, it is ultimately for you should be happy at least. Wherever you go, whatever you talk it is what we opt unknowingly or knowingly for happiness. Nobody does anything shunning that happiness is you’re otherwise. Hope not my simple paragraph is getting filled up with word ‘happiness’. And yea it is, ultimately I am writing for to share that I am happy today. 
Happy Layman lol!!

Are you happy? Then why you are happy? The reasons will diverse for your interest, likes, values, systems, and notions are different. And one common reason will be that the day is happiness day and that’s why you are happy? 

Personally for me the day is where we should give recompense on the philosophy of GHN (Gross National Happiness). It is all got to do with values that you should inculcate as a responsible being for your own happiness at the least and for well being development of world forgetting one’s greed for name and fame. 

And too it is reminder to the custodians of the today’s generation that the world shall not default partiality for their future birth and century in which they will live. What we have now should be available for them too. Tigers should not get extinct. Culture and tradition of your locality should be buried under the power of modernity. They will not have more linguists to study their language which you forget in bit and pieces and changed to different language for them. The fresh water and the beautiful environment should be available for them too to get mesmerized and the times continue. You shouldn’t forget to plant as much tree for them irrespective how old you are. 

And very basic thing we should change for them is the culture of showing off and giving. There are million tourists traveling all round the world. They make show off by giving dollar tip to the doorman for pushing a revolving door, and the next minute he/she will be bargaining for few dollar which is less than which he/she has given to the doorman for a T-shirt from a vendor who is trying hard to support his/her baby and family. Proud family and well-off people spend fortunes on a one-day wedding ceremony for a marriage that may or may not last, while on the same day, in the same village, people are dying of starvation. 

Hope the world will be happier ever after!!!  Be happy…


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.