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Thursday, March 21, 2013

On WOrld Poetry Day

On and ON at College of Science and Technology, CST"

The poetry day has been celebrating yearly since 2000 on March 21. After thirteen years, today I grasped golden opportunity to mark the day by joining my fellow friends in the College Poem writing competition. This is my simple tribute to the poets and the poem lovers. 

We are assigned whatever topic best suited for an individual. I was thinking for a moment and suddenly I thought to write something about me being in the college. I kept the title, “On and On at College of Science and Technology, CST”. As usual everything was blank and thought my time is running so fast which is alarmed for an hour. Then and there without much thought and getting aback I started to scribble on the wall of CST literary Club group on Facebook. This was the platform where we have to post our poems and the maximum liked poem will be the winner. 

Here is my random poem which is tribute to all the poets and poem lovers!!! 

"On and ON at College of Science and Technology, CST"

A child was born;
To become adult and learning was his fan;
Fan for the fact that he'll be industrious;
And his life moves on and on.

Notion to be actual and good was his instinct;
To be Civil Engineer was his ambition;
For the fact that to serve his nation;
And his life moves on and on.

Half completed was his mission;
For when he got to major in Science;
Struggled to be what his mind perceives;
Life moves on and on for when CST gate calls him.

With full delight and zeal to be;
What his smiling essence ask to be;
Seems CST became challenging verve;
His life moves on and on though.

Days and nights he'll not strive;
The demand is rapid and high;
But his result seem low and bye;
Life moves off and on then.

CST, college should not be blamed;
To Lecturers not to be blamed;
Self endurance and hard work'll bloom;
For life to move on and on!!!


  1. a good one brother..

  2. was looking forward to reading your poem since i saw your status...nice poem...:)

    1. may not be,, i was blushing when we are asked to choose our own topic!!! its my first of its kind to participate in such literary activity!!

  3. I find poetry opens us up more than even writing... thoughtful poem Sangay :)

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