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Friday, March 1, 2013


Sorry, the information may be wrong and untrue but the incident is fact, not fictitious. At times I think such happens and trust it happened for reasons! 

For the fact of being human and our head held high, where knowledge is free justifies we are advanced than any other living beings on earth! Who cares if we don’t know how to handle our own life? Ultimately it boils down to an individual.

It is ridiculous to know we are so sexy. The society itself has befallen to be sexy! What is there if we can align with society? And what if we can’t? The natural thing that we have to know and act is we have to align with society and move accordingly in our own way so that it doesn’t guilt us. We have our own philosophies and guiding principles to be what we want to be. May be those girls are funneled through philosophies and principles that they get laid and move on!! 

Can our society accept the status of being prostitutes? Can this happen in near future or is it happening or is it the moving road for their future? Does it mean you are so sexy or the guys are? Or is it that they choose the negative direction in fork of their life. I couldn’t get the right answer. May be I ask myself the wrong question and intuited wrong. 

People declare capital city as the hub for enjoyment and opportunities.  Their simple justifications are, there are many drayangs, parties, hang out at night to faraway places like Sangaygang, Bhuddha point etc… bushes are very thick and bit safe.  

Getting out of taxi unless you are sexed, passing dirty comments to men passing by, raising their sexy brows are the few incident that I myself encountered and initial through friends. 

Sometimes taxi drivers are in trouble for they have to make love with the customer when they refuse to get out. I was completely astonished when a driver narrated such story. Is it existent? I inquired him more than twenty times I think!! “Don’t you believe me? Stay here at Thimphu, you will know the situations”; he argued. I was left without a word to reply him!  

I was waiting for my brother at booking, it was too long. I was so bored. I went to nearby stalls to have tea and momo. Almost immediately I reach the stall, few young girls said, “Acho have tea here, have momo, have hot tea, and have juice otherwise”. It will be ok for someone like me if there is one voice uttering all these. But it is mixture of different voices with seductive notion. Though it is their strategies to sell what they have but after awhile their comment changes. I got lost in chaotic voices. And moreover I was blushed when they said, “Acho phorab, Nuchu Phorab”, and so many unwanted terminologies they use. I didn’t know how to react. Lucky will be me if I have the power to vanish then and there.  

And I know there are many unfortunate and fortunate who are breathing in the city. There are countless orphans, broken family girls, unqualified for what they desire, waving hands for help and instead greedy men mistake them for and seduce.  They give their today for tomorrows! Men twist their life like a sandal in a bin. I respect our beautiful ladies in the town and we should but what if such is the situation?


  1. Wow, I feel sorry for these people that feel that doing things like this are the only way to survive... I hope they understand some day they are worth so much more....

  2. best thing is tshab chu lay ni zamine bak


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