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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am Sang(j)ay Dutt

The real life is different from reel life. Anyone who is acting so profoundly nice on screen does not mean that he/she is good in real life. An actor who is giving life to many unfortunate girls who is promoting their body for money can be a great Don Juan. The act of valiant on screen does not always suffice when you see them divorcing with their spouse, and their strength on screen are mostly bargained for. 

The image of what that they have done on screen pierce deep down into the heart of audiences. The indifferent act of how you approach a beautiful girl, the act of how stylishly you reject someone, and the act of Great War boost the power of enjoyment. The comical acts conquer the real idea of how the grief and tension of someone blend to hysteric and happy you are to be. And that is how you became fan of someone who is good on the screen that better suits your likeness and sometimes you want to be alike him/her. 

It was shocking for me when I read about Sangay Dutt was convicted for illegal possession of arms and sentenced him to five years in prison. My heart echoed with sentiments. Numerous flashes and light interspersed my mind. It was great lost and complete nostalgic for me since I am great fan of Sanju Sir.

SAnjay Dutt
There was a time when I used to watch his film staggering on the round stone to level myself to the black and white screen TV. It was at Martshala Middle secondary school which was lower secondary school by then. There was no electricity and modern facilities. Only TV that school has was used solely to watch Shakti Man and Junior G which is scheduled and broadcasted once in a week on Sunday. We had privilege to watch only DD national Channel; Dordhasaan which was lone channel on antenna oriented black and white TV. Films were broadcasted only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that too at night late hours.  I used to wait for hours to watch his films after night study which was worth watching.

Though it will be great miss for his fan including fool me, Committing crime and the law forgiving the criminal is an issue of strength of judiciary. Judges can’t compromise the law of the state. And the guilty should be punished. And it is when guilty goes unpunished; people lose respect to the law. Irrespective of who you are, there is only common law for the land. 

The great boon you have created from your films like Munabhi MBBS and your role as Mahatma Gandhi are immense that your fans want you to give magic hug. Your confidence and the brave face in continuation the shooting of Policegiri, inspires everyone. And I am sending my magic hug to be brave and hope one day freedom will be worth more convicting now. Take care Sangju Sir and I pray you and your family be blessed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I feel I want to be gorilla alike!!

I am fed up of so many more beautiful faces among the mankind

I feel I want to be gorilla alike. I want to catch hold of that devil in front of me and kidnap her in the thick jungle of beautiful surrounding. Where chirping birds, beautiful flowers, and winding small streams will decorate us, where nobody will disturb our cool nature of so called romance. Long and sturdy branches of olive will be our umbrella to shun disturbing rays of hot sun and thick hard cave will be the weapon to safe ourselves. And the leaves shall let to wedge the little brightening rays to beautify further the nature. 

I am fed up of so many more beautiful faces among the mankind. I am fade up of changing mind that pursue for better. I want to shun all these and be faithful to one and only, HER. Time has already passed by reminding me of how the cruelty of mine and suffering of her, face loads of challenge to endure. 

By then when I call anyone, only she can hear me. Even the slight mischief and simple gesture of mine will be solely for her. If she calls me, I’ll doubt no one instead I will be utterly available for her only. My heart sees no any fault to lid its rhythm to call her and only her name… MOMO… and seems the world will be fair on both of us. 

It was totally mesmerizing for me when I was totally behaving like a child for you and you were a good mother. 

I will have my ball in my court to lead her to anywhere. And I am here to follow her even to hell if she leads me to. Let’s go to heaven first and then talk about hell next for I don’t want to see you and me suffering in the cold, fire and battle field. 

Hey, that’s it my dear. I love you and will love you forever and sorry I am dreaming me kidnapped by gorilla and locked-up in the beautiful cave. And sorry I saw you as gorilla and yea she was so nice to me like you in reality. Hehehe……

Life of me!!

My past taught me to at least tackle something for my future but it hasn’t taught me enough to endure the present
Life for me is something that I always question about. I need to question myself for where I am turning around. And still I get buried under the burden of my short sighted solutions. Short sighted for I am not perfect. I am not perfect for if I am I wouldn’t be here on the earth. So life, the whole realm gears around unfathomable sufferings and mistakes.

What more should and can I say about life? When I think back there are many incidences that make my eyes well up with tears. The tears of rejection, abandon, failure, and lists goes on. The journey isn’t good. It isn’t an adventurous. It was not like what I might have expected. The agony of remembering someone’s face vividly, the failure of lone, grief of parents’ sickness, and the nervousness of struggling to catch and hold of good professional verve.

I feel like I want to go away and run somewhere very fast. Run onto the top of the mountain where prayer flags waft lively and call for divinity. Run for to find where you are. Run to call the divine god to answer my agony of lone men. I want to swiftly get and catch one that always disturbs my peaceful state of mind. Run for to become what I am destined to. I will have to hold on for marathon for the small goals and the values that I have to inculcate to nullify my weakness.

There was time when I said, I am not always alone. There was time when I uttered I am not bad. Those were my best reminisce about how I was happy in your arms, the reminiscence of how I have grown. My past taught me to at least tackle something for my future but it hasn’t taught me enough to endure the present. The pain is only the word that always reckons me and tries to make me comfort but it exceeds the level of my warmth.

The pain when I am all alone. The pain when I visualize your face which I try hard not to. No choice but to except the mercy wagging of dogs’ tail and a cat slowly climbing on my lap to comfort and wish please for me. These two animals try so hard to console me.

I am all buried under your rejection, abandon and the agony is ruling my life, please help me!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

On WOrld Poetry Day

On and ON at College of Science and Technology, CST"

The poetry day has been celebrating yearly since 2000 on March 21. After thirteen years, today I grasped golden opportunity to mark the day by joining my fellow friends in the College Poem writing competition. This is my simple tribute to the poets and the poem lovers. 

We are assigned whatever topic best suited for an individual. I was thinking for a moment and suddenly I thought to write something about me being in the college. I kept the title, “On and On at College of Science and Technology, CST”. As usual everything was blank and thought my time is running so fast which is alarmed for an hour. Then and there without much thought and getting aback I started to scribble on the wall of CST literary Club group on Facebook. This was the platform where we have to post our poems and the maximum liked poem will be the winner. 

Here is my random poem which is tribute to all the poets and poem lovers!!! 

"On and ON at College of Science and Technology, CST"

A child was born;
To become adult and learning was his fan;
Fan for the fact that he'll be industrious;
And his life moves on and on.

Notion to be actual and good was his instinct;
To be Civil Engineer was his ambition;
For the fact that to serve his nation;
And his life moves on and on.

Half completed was his mission;
For when he got to major in Science;
Struggled to be what his mind perceives;
Life moves on and on for when CST gate calls him.

With full delight and zeal to be;
What his smiling essence ask to be;
Seems CST became challenging verve;
His life moves on and on though.

Days and nights he'll not strive;
The demand is rapid and high;
But his result seem low and bye;
Life moves off and on then.

CST, college should not be blamed;
To Lecturers not to be blamed;
Self endurance and hard work'll bloom;
For life to move on and on!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you people all around the world

An unfathomable variety of emotions exists in this worldly realm.

Thank you people all around the world, hope you all are happy at least for a day today. Thank you, that my post about the day mean so much that it has shot up to the list of popular posts. 

Definitely people are so curious to know what to do on this particular day and how you have to feel though it pertains to what you do. Status on facebook, tweets on twitter all says about the day – happiness day! Bloggers has blogged about their perspectives on the day. The extraordinarily idea for all varies. An unfathomable variety of emotions exists in this worldly realm.

Happiness is got to do with so much hype and popularity. Whatever you desire, whatever you do, it is ultimately for you should be happy at least. Wherever you go, whatever you talk it is what we opt unknowingly or knowingly for happiness. Nobody does anything shunning that happiness is you’re otherwise. Hope not my simple paragraph is getting filled up with word ‘happiness’. And yea it is, ultimately I am writing for to share that I am happy today. 
Happy Layman lol!!

Are you happy? Then why you are happy? The reasons will diverse for your interest, likes, values, systems, and notions are different. And one common reason will be that the day is happiness day and that’s why you are happy? 

Personally for me the day is where we should give recompense on the philosophy of GHN (Gross National Happiness). It is all got to do with values that you should inculcate as a responsible being for your own happiness at the least and for well being development of world forgetting one’s greed for name and fame. 

And too it is reminder to the custodians of the today’s generation that the world shall not default partiality for their future birth and century in which they will live. What we have now should be available for them too. Tigers should not get extinct. Culture and tradition of your locality should be buried under the power of modernity. They will not have more linguists to study their language which you forget in bit and pieces and changed to different language for them. The fresh water and the beautiful environment should be available for them too to get mesmerized and the times continue. You shouldn’t forget to plant as much tree for them irrespective how old you are. 

And very basic thing we should change for them is the culture of showing off and giving. There are million tourists traveling all round the world. They make show off by giving dollar tip to the doorman for pushing a revolving door, and the next minute he/she will be bargaining for few dollar which is less than which he/she has given to the doorman for a T-shirt from a vendor who is trying hard to support his/her baby and family. Proud family and well-off people spend fortunes on a one-day wedding ceremony for a marriage that may or may not last, while on the same day, in the same village, people are dying of starvation. 

Hope the world will be happier ever after!!!  Be happy…

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy International Happiness Day

Ask me not how to define happiness. And squeeze me not that I am from GNH(Gross National Happiness) nation, Bhutan.I don’t know what it is. 

Sooner or later I got this message on facebook, my mind strikes to write something about the happiness day. The message it says, ‘Happiness day. If you got this message it means you are happy and will be happy always .Send this to at least 15 other people in the next 143 minutes and tomorrow will be your best day ever. Tonight at 12 o'clock your true happiness will be there and will last forever. Something good will happen to you from 1pm-4 pm tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock of your happiness in your life. If you break this chain you will be cursed with problem and your happiness will never come...I just got as form somebody’.

Ask me not how to define happiness. And squeeze me not that I am from GNH nation, Bhutan.  I don’t know what it is. I only know that I need it, want it and I crave for. But I am sorry for my failure to define it. 

I heard of happiness but not about the day to be observed. For the first time I am hearing this, “international Happiness Day”. Well, maybe it has been observing, may not be all around the globe, but to some pocket of the society. For Bhutan and Bhutanese I presume it’s the first day that you’ll record in your diary as special note for you definitely need happiness around 24x7. 

It is the sense of relief. Relief from regular classes here in my college. It itself is a happiness and I am happy today. Are you happy enough to celebrate the day? What if not you are happy? Does it contradict with the real meaning of the day? How you will celebrate it? Ahh! Again, what is happiness? Does it come in bits and pieces? Or does it come in like tsunami?  Or else you will count how many times you were happy on your fingers? 

Development of the world is so sky-scraping.  The technology made every impossible possible. It’s no wonder for when you see a man land on moon, dive the deepest oceans, and climb the highest mountain. The fresh green land has turned to a thick and sturdy concrete jungle. The moment of your thought and if acted you’ll be in your desired destiny within few seconds to the least, and hours to the maximum. 

What about the human beings on earth? With technology does their happiness skyrocketed?  Or just comfort increases? And who is responsible for the advancement in technology?  If people ourselves are responsible who we cares about our happiness? When technology is for all, why not happiness for all? Is it due to greed of one or two? If it were not greed of someone for name and fame world would have been like heaven. 

What constitute the earth? Forget about non-breathing. There are millions animals running away to safe their life, there are millions plants standing helplessly when rowdy people triumph over them for their comfort which ultimately affect them one way or other. The environment is important. 

The development paradigm that sticks on gross domestic product is still ruling the world. How much we have grown is measured corresponding to how GDP has grown. I can’t point for meaning it is not worth the happiness of the people. It is not seed sown by someone who can be questioned. It is the very idea of someone who is expert and at last we are more into materialistic life.

What when you forget and shun your own culture and tradition and blend those with modernity? There are millions cultures and traditions that hasn’t value as it had once. Slowly it is vanishing and eradicating. Does it contribute little or more in your happiness? 

You are living in the wellness that you desire, Economic wellness, physical wellness, environment wellness, mental wellness, political wellness, social wellness and workplace wellness. What philosophy suffices it all? It is GNH (Gross National Happiness). Grow GNH grow… and make all people around the world happy ever. And I wish all people a happy International Happiness Day!