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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heartfelt Condolence

We know the deep concern of thy duties and responsibilities. You all are the heroes of the GNH nation. Other citizens who are serving our nation other than thy organization have many holidays and many charms to enjoy. They have Sharchokpa losar, ngalop Nilo, nepali dewali and so on... you are the group of citizens tirelessly serving the nation with sincere effort and I salute for that. We see you standing with gun, blowing whistle, battling the forest fire…- doing your duties when other people enjoy the above mention juncture.

But it was so heartbreaking to know that an accident happened for when you all went to curb the flame above Yangchenphug.

For those you who left the heavenly earth, may your soul rest in peace and may your dear and near one be always bless with what you wished when you were with them.

May you all get well soon for those who were injured and continue your tireless duty to serve nation.

I express my Deep Condolence and I always salute for your heroism!!!

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