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Monday, April 9, 2012

Once Upon a Time

It was me that I had faced once upon a time at Tashigang Middle Secondary School.

Suddenly when a group of girls entered my classroom after reshuffling the exact number of students in each section, I have seen her for the first time. And from then I considered her as my only girl that I wanted to end my life with!! May be I was crazy. 

Days and months passed by… I was afraid to talk to her. Actually my diffidence let me down. Just I stayed aside and enjoyed her beauty.

Came October, I made up my mind to propose her. Proposing with epistle and by friends to express our feelings was rampant at that time. Through my friend I sent my feeling to her. After a week I was stunned that she accepted my feeling. I was so happy to see I Love You TOO. My feeling was just that simple I Love You. I had many emotions that I wanted to share her but I was not good with words to express all feelings.

I was not good with words, this often result in her to be very upset. These various reasons cause her to vent her anger on me often. I endured the suffering in silence.

After a couple of months, we finally graduated from Tashigang Middle Secondary School and we were placed in different schools to continue our higher secondary education.  Before departing, I proposed her, “I am not good with words, but simply I love you. If you allow me, I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life. As for our distance apart I’ll try my best to keep in touch with you round. Will you marry me”? She agreed to my determination and after few months we got too closed that we are engaged as if.

We kept our love strong through letters. Even though it’s hard, neither of us ever thought of giving up.

After our high school exams we met at Thimphu. She called me to come at her home for she has many things to share and talk about. Poor I went happily so as to see how she is and to continue and share our feelings of so called love.  To my dismay she told me of having relation with someone when she was at school. I readily accepted her apology for she had done to avert him from disturbing her study. 

That was cool apology and I regret why I didn’t fired her!!   

We are apart forever now!!!


  1. jaroo that is sad part of ur story

  2. jang nan geeni ta tsafa ofey


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