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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Age Defines!!

I started my life as a simple little baby. Grown slight big and became a young little boy. Again grown little more and became a simple buddy in primary schools. And the wind of time waiting for none blew my time reminding me that, I am now little man in my junior school. Little cute friends that are in my age of my times as a little young boy greet me as brother then! Time and tide waits for none. I was in high school as grown up boy and a man to handle what is supposing to in life. The universal truth of time passing by without waiting to anyone suffice that I am now greeted as uncle by the cute brothers that are in my stage that I came passed by. First time when I was greeted uncle, I was taken aback.

No wonder I am getting old day by day. Time drags me to the gate of death! Changed the tone of voice, physical appearances, and stone hard bone to hit and give pain to my friends to let them know that I am grown up enough! Now face starting to develop little wrinkles, voice with little twist, getting to know the better love of what we are define to be and get marry are those thinking that constantly strikes my mind. What to do it is the universal law- live to die! And now I am a man of going to be responsible soon.
Young Sangay  when he was in 1st year!

Time will approach where I may get marry to whom shall my faith descend. I will spend my life with her. Then soon time shall again teach me to be father and be a responsible man. I will have to balance my family life and professional life. Scratching head over the mischief of my kids and argument with my wife will happen and hope it will never interfere with my professional verve. I’ll have my own dignity to serve my parents and be best to them and too the nation with full zeal and hard work.

For me nothing is above religion. I am a Buddhist. I guarantee I can’t be good to all. I can’t be same to all. I might unknowingly and of nowhere other may think I do partiality. And I can’t safe all lives. Which ultimately prove that I am not a perfect man? Yes I am not perfect! Like perfect love it will be rare to find perfect man. But I am sure at least I will not harm knowingly and intentionally anyone. If I have done unknowingly then I will pardon to my best. And too I beg pardon for till now if I have done unknowingly wrong to anyone. Pardon me! Everything is destined to complete expiry date and I’ll let my expiry date complete with at least no regrets.  
Sangay in 3rd year!!

In everyone’s walk of life we encounter with different kind of sickness.  I have to endure all sickness that catches me. And I can’t remain intact. I’ll try to my best that I’ll not let my dear and near one to shed tears beside me for which I’ll pray day and night.

Technology told me how I will look like when I am in 60s or more, if I am permitted to live that long! Thank you, I can now foresee and prepare for to react for greeting- Agay Sangay!  My face will be full of wrinkles. My body will become loose. My hair will become gray. My voice will stammer. I will have to pause time and again for that I may do and my strength will shrink and I will become dependent. And once again I’ll be a dependent young little boy with eased strength. 
Agay Sangay D

Life is like that. Partiality isn’t the thing that we can expect to shower to be intact physically. Mentally we may be sound and want to live more but one day the gate to death will surely open for us to leave the wonderful campus of live and everything will be wipe away. And it is always waiting for us to warmly greet if we were good and vice versa. 

We will be welcomed to another world of deeds and the cause! 


  1. very well written.

    live your life to the fullest. take each day as a gift. treat it invaluable....that is our life.....

    enjoyed reading your post


    1. thank you sir for your comment!! keep visiting!!!

  2. You have here a really nice blog!
    Thanks for this interesting post.

    1. I never thought it will be interesting... anyhow thank you and keep visiting!!


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