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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful Sight in College Picnic

Panic of seniors/elders;
Holding discourteous girl friend;
Silent but holding her so tensed;
To avert in the web of seniors;
Hushed was his strong love to her.

Jumped to the tune of Tum Milee;
With 11000 in their hand tight;
With the sense of fantastic;
Holding their feet tight;
To withstand to the tune of frantic!

Sun showed its way to west;
Seems the day was best;
Juniors showed their courtesy;
Seniors accepted their fantasy;
Organizers seemed messy!

Everybody shouts in the long yellow bus;
Organizers had the sense of drunken mess;
To shun the tantrum of lecturers;
Counselors’ seemed the bearer;
The day was wonderful to remember!


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