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Thursday, April 19, 2012

With Changing Times

In the contemporary arena of technology we see lots of changes taking place. From the rough hand writing to typing with the type writer and now punching data in the computer are those changes we all have seen, And many intellectuals are born and too the same changes for people’s generation!

It is now very easy to document activities bit and pieces in seconds. Almost every adult are having mobile each by which they are keep in touch with parents, friends, relatives and update information.

Just click the button; you’ll have your photos…. The power of technology has gone too far!

I was sitting on concrete bench at Zangdo Pelri in town. It was around seven in my mobile. I heard shrill sound of a kid. Thought, very delighted kid maybe there with parent. Moment I turned back, I saw little cute son of single mother. I was playing with my mobile and he asked to me to take his photographs immediately after he saw me playing with it.

His post to my mobile camera!
Mr. Little Suraj is wonderful kid I have ever met and interacted. I was on my way to take bath few kilometers from my college to shield the Phuntsholing heat. He was with his friend Karma. They were standing in front of their house which is not finished well, made of bricks. After interacting with them with my academic related questions, I asked him, ‘what is the height of your house’? After sometime he went inside his room and came back with a book and a pencil. He was scribbling something simultaneously looking to the wall. After he has done he gave me.

Alas!! I was totally surprised. First he counted the number of rows of bricks and then estimated the height of a brick,’ just we can multiply and get total number of bricks used to build my house’.
He was really genius kid and I’ll never forget him.

Now the time has approached where our children will neglect to ask our parents and elders to get answer to what they may think. And we being college students seek most help from Google. It will be not surprising that with answers at the touch of the button, youngsters often will Google questions before asking parents, friends or teachers.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It shows just how commonplace digital technology is for children today and how comfortable they are with using it. 

Children, no matter what generation they grow up in, have an inquisitive and curious nature, and so the fact they are able to use new technology to explore this is a positive sign for the future. And some are really brilliant!!

Little action!!


  1. Wow!!! wondering how did he even think of it??. must be a genius one.

  2. Some are instinctive genius, some become genius and maybe he was born genius!


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