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Thursday, April 26, 2012

To You Choktor!

Pop; I typed, ‘hi’; 
She was there with smile. 
Pop; I clicked to see, ‘HI’; 
I was here with smile. 

Choktor Choden is thy name; 
Instant reply to me seems her desire; 
Her beautify is her fame; 
And that is my flame. 

Yaboo- is her best word; 
Meaning I Love You. 
Truth is truth, this is a word; 
That must be told to you. 

Angelic looks is what I admire; 
Angelic heart is what I adore; 
Closeness is what I wish; 
Seems everything will not hash! 

Walking round my room,
Closing each and every curtain,
Shutting each and every door,
I see you always behind me. 

With head held high; 
Heart with superfluous pulse; 
Seems we are not for false; 
Now love my held high. 

Like the moon, stars, morning sunrise 
so much beauty, so much grace. 
You are even more through my eyes. 
All I ever dreamed of, an angel from above. 

You gave the direction of sun shine; 
You gave the proud of having one; 
My vacant heart is now fine; 
And our unity will always bind. 


I will love to read your constructive criticisms for if I may deserve.