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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duality and the Cause

There are some basic principles which governs the universe and that is the principles of duality, attraction and togetherness which are the ingredients of 'LOVE'. Love cannot exist alone just as one cannot be in love alone. We live in an age when love seemed to have gone cold amongst people, where relationships all too often end before they have even started.

We constantly hear of children of broken families and one parent families who are more likely to turn to crime. Recent events of youths looting and stabbing in cities across the Thimphu stands as an example of this uncaring, wayward attitude.

Needless to say there are various factors which caused this, however we cannot overlook the fact of broken homes as part of this ingredients. One only has to watch some foreign shows to see the mix up of relationships especially amongst the young in our communities and worse of all some reason to say that they stab because it is rampant! This is having a devastating effect on our young and society as a whole.

A relationship is as life itself, it comes with its ups and downs; this is the law of duality. We don't give up on life just because of a terrible earthquake, or a tsunami. Our society needs to promote more tolerance and over standing which are the main ingredients of a lasting relationship.

The system that governs our society has no teachings in their educational establishments of how to relate man to woman, woman to man. Academic education alone does not teach human beings how to relate and react to one another. We see in our society today where couples break up for whatever reason only to get back together and have a lasting relationship. In some of these circumstances there might have been a middle person giving some sort of advice and encouragement, this is the power of togetherness.

 For some people however there is no such intervention as they isolate themselves in the selfishness of what they call "my business" and therefore wallow in their own self pity, jealousy, pride and anger to their own demise. A couple who puts away these petty emotions and are real about their feelings will do the right thing to be reunited with the one they love. This is the law of attraction which brings true love for a lasting relationship. 

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