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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hands up, how many of we are potato fan? And how many of us know about George Boogle?

I was, a long time ago chatting on Facebook with my friend Deki, and she asked me whether I had dinner or not. “Yea I had with potato; life started eating potato and may end eating potato”, I replied. It does not mean I don’t like it. “hahaha yes mosh...I think if George Boogle was not dead you would have murdered him, rite?”, she replied.

I want to Thank Mr. George Boogle for having introduced potato in Bhutan and Raja of West Bengal who invited Mr. George for to help to drive away the Zhidar, Druk Desi of Bhutan who invaded his territory in 1773.

If he was in 21st century he possibly would have won the prestigious award for having shaped the backbone of Bhutanese curry.

 I can't deny the fact that I was grown up having potato and all most all lives of village guy like me, might have disgruntled the everyday potato menu back in schools and colleges. It will be in the form of Aludam, curry mix with other vegetables, Kawa Datse etc… 

George Boogle

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