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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time Doesn't permit

After hearing His Majesty's intention to wed Jetsun Pema, I thought of putting my thoughts of how His Majesty motivated me in writing, but time doesn't permits me. Being a trainee in only Engineering college in the country, we are always technical, we have to do lots of research and infinite number of assignments and projects. These all keep me busy and on top of that I have to prepare for tests and semester exams. The frequency of test conducted is too high.. In a week we have to do more than two to three tests. And if we count how much test is conducted in a semester on our fingers, after completing two and half rounds, humm its coming around 47. Every semester we have to do 47 tests including viva, quizzes, and etc.

I am sure I'll write the above mentioned after my exams are over. I have no other option to express my gratitude to His majesty. This is the only platform where I can share my deep sense of motivation and respect. 

And I pray, I wouldn't be busy after exams. 

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