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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Throughout our lives we meet many people, and some of these relationships are short-lived and others are for the long term. We all need a friend for finding happiness in our lives, and both our short and long term friendships play a significant role in this happiness.

Is friendship for a lifetime? It is often hard to say because there is no right answer to this question; sometimes we expect that friendships are for a lifetime and in case of real friendship, friendship can exist as long you live.

Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives and we all have periods with problems or we need advice and having a good friend to turn to is a very nice thing to have. Even if you are married or in a relationship there are always items which you prefer to talk first with your friends; not that your husband or wife doesn't want to listen to these problems but a friend often has another view on certain issues than the person you live with will.

A lifetime friendship can start when we are a little child but many times these friendships are only for a certain period. We get friends when we are going to school; to play with and probably we have many common interests. When we become older it is sometimes hard to keep these friendships alive. At this stage in our life we will probably be in relationships or have gotten married. Keeping in touch is not always easy because very often we live far from each other and our free time is limited.

Most people are going to work outside and in the evening they spent most of the time with their husband or wife. If we have children it is often difficult to make time free for our childhood best friends but there are certainly friendships which can exist for a lifetime. Especially if we are in a sports club or another kind of activity which we share is perfectly possible that the friendship will be so close that we can give your friendship a lifetime agreement.

When we become an adult we will expand our circle and meet new friends. It mostly happens when we don't expect it. This can be near the place we live, at work, during a travel or even online. On this stage of age we will have other interests and also other kind of problems where we need a friend for.
I don't have strong friendship bounds from the time when I was a child or even at from the time when I was in my schools.

I really believe that lifetime friendships exist and I was almost sure I found one five years ago. It happened during my ninth and tenth standard at Tashigang. I never was in group. I never mingle with my mates. I was not sure how this happened. The day I realize it was SHE. And worst of all our true friendship was shattered due to distance and belief systems.

Now I am here in College of Science and Technology. Study in college is different from that of schools. We have to do lots of group work, group assignment, group discussions and etc. we organized works in group, and since then my friendship with them become closer. We called each other and go for walk. And they are no other than Sangay Jamtsho (Douley/Khamjay), Sonam Dorji, Sonam Rabten(Smart Rascal), Dechen Norbu(DecNor), Phuntsho wangdi(Phuss), Deki Phuntsho(Pykala), Choki Dorji and etc.

We are exposed to internet. The use of Internet makes it possible to find friends online. There are many dating sites where you can find friends online. I found the last one year some good online friends in writing sites and some of them are now friends. Keeping in touch is really not difficult; e-mail and messenger services make it possible to keep these friendships alive. These friendships are still young and it is difficult to say now if these friendships are for a lifetime but I really believe that some of them are for a lifetime.

Friendships are important in life and if you find a real friend I am quite sure that real friendships exist for a lifetime. It happens very frequently that friendships have a longer lifetime than a romantic relationship or a marriage and you can also have lifetime friendships with someone of the opposite sex. True friendship is really beautiful and offers you benefits for a lifetime.
Friendship not to break
Is it possible for twenty children to play together for twenty years? Thinking about some old friends brings a lot of refreshing and great memories to mind. When I consider some childhood friends, I really wish we could get together and be friends again. The real fact is that some friendships are not meant to last forever. A friend of mine once told me that friendship can expire. I totally agree with him, because the relationship with some of my friends has actually expired.

Cheers and be friend!!!!!


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