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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vacancy Announcement for Osama!!!

Now the USA has taken out terror leader Osama Bin Laden, there is a vacancy at top of one of the world's leading terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda.
This job opening brings with it some serious dangers. The applicants will be few. however, the position brings with it a lot of international power and prestige, making it a desirable job for those who are interested in terrorist's mission. 

After the death of him, the US Government said that the world is safer place, and it may be, but terror lives on and so do threats against the US. The big question for all or for many is now who now will be the leading figure of Al Qaeda?
The death of Bin Laden is certainly a demoralizing for his followers. People may say Al Qaeda has been noticeably weakened now that its leader is gone forever, but I think its the real time where we have to be extra careful. In the decades since AL queada emerged as a terror group, many franchises have emerged that share the name and mission of the parent group, but operate independently in places like Iraq, Libya and etc.. this plurality of group means that the next leader of international terror may not even come from Bin Laden's operation.

One extra precaution that the world should now concern is "tight the security". Who knows the most frustrated follower of Bin laden who is equally equipped like him may again create miserable history.

And my simple note to everyone is from the day we were born we started dying and act accordingly and don't go for Osama's mission. Living a Life like sandal in a bin isn't justifiable if you hurt others.

Good luck.....

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