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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing JOys.

Joy can be found in little thing, simple things in life. The smile of a child, the laughter of a child, can bring much joy to person. When we get job it can bring much joy. When a woman finds out she is pregnant she is joyful. And you, Kinza missing from my life fetch me no joy... NO.. not at all..

My graduation from this college, college of science and Technology, wouldn't bring me a joy but it will be a great pride for my parents and relatives.

When a person is over coming any obstacle in life, we'll find much joy in their attitudes. Joy can mean many things to different people. It all depends on what a person values in their life. for some people their hobbies bring them much joy. For some, it is how they spend their spare time. It is important that we all take time out to enjoy our life. But for me having you in my life will be much valued and enjoyable.

I have planted a seed.  Every spring I have a opportunity to plant seeds of many kind and watch them sprout and grow. One tiny seed that sprouts and becomes a flower or vegetable is wondrous and joyful thing to watch. Every year this brings me a simple joy. It requires little attention and provides wonder and amazement. Watch a thirsty plant when it rains. I have seen it reaching up and becoming alive. This is truly a joyous thing. Standing near, missing someone, regretting and seeing  the beauty of sun set and rise  tear rolls down from my cheeks. It dissolves my joyful moment.  Still thinking about you and hoping these joys would permanently stay. Still miss you Kinza...

Life is meaningless without my love one. You are always special to me. Come back my dear, come back. With folding arms, i am waiting to beg sorry for everything, I reaally love you KINZA OM....

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