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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hurt never Smile ever

“Hurt never Smile ever" is not followed by everyone. So as its not even followed in friendship. At times your best friend may hurt you. They may try to do a Hitler act by annoying you and troubling you by saying words which hurt you. Trust me it is painful when you hurt your best friend. I know it because I have always made my best friend cry. I mean not always but at times.

I still remember the day when I fought with my best friend. She was sounding sad and upset. Other day when I spoke to her I learnt that she had cried the whole day for a single issue. I soon apologized and tried to make her happy. When your best friend is upset because of you then go to her/him. Try to be casual, crack few jokes. Hunt for opportunities which would bring a smile in their face. If she is still angry with you then pull their cheeks and say "Cheychey sem mashee siii why are so upset... he he”.

Dear friends, friendship is one of the most priced possession/gifts in the world. A friend is our alter ego. It’s the most pure relationship in the world. They sow the seeds of happiness and you derive more happiness as you reap it. Just be good to friends. Don’t lose your friends even if they love or hurt you.Yeh not to forget ...just give them a kick when he/she has an eye on your girl/guy. Kidding!!

 Keep your dear one/friends always happy...

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