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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tribute to Teachers

To the one that let me know where I should step, where I should set my target, what are the remedies that we should have for to move ahead, that always fire me for my benefits and the one and only that assist me to be a responsible man in once life, I want to thank all my teachers who drive me till where I am today and where I’ll be life. And again I want to thank all who directly or indirectly let me learn little things from your deeds and experiences.

Respected teachers;

You are my source of inspiration. You are my candle that lit me in darkness. You are my advisers. And instead you are my second parents and I rejoice for having met with such wonderful teachers in my life.
I remember how I got heavy beatings, heavy scolding and 360 0 twists in my ears, 90o slaps and many more… I do not mean that it was bad. It is worth more than anything in life. Your power in shaping the destiny of mine was so powerful that I land up in what I want to be and thank you very much for the magic that you have poured on me.

This is simple poem devoted to you all;

Everybody, I want you to say,
2012, happy teachers day.
It’s time, we all pay,
Tribute to thy ray,
That let us success in our own way.

When paths are dark and tough,
Thy powers made, clear and bold,
You pave our way like gold,
You gave us, diverse eyes,
Those see the mischief bias.  

Happy teachers day, I wish you,
You help us decide our fate,
Understanding what we like and hate,
Your presence helps us understand our state,
And so, I happily wish, happy teachers day.
Be it sport or studies,
You teach us many times,
And it remains for lifetime,
You have always been there with support,
Even in our problems, like an escort.

Lastly, I plead, to remain the same,
To help us gain our name and fame,
Loud everybody, be loud as loudly as you say,
Clap everybody; clap more as you say,
Happy teachers day!, 2012.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Age Defines!!

I started my life as a simple little baby. Grown slight big and became a young little boy. Again grown little more and became a simple buddy in primary schools. And the wind of time waiting for none blew my time reminding me that, I am now little man in my junior school. Little cute friends that are in my age of my times as a little young boy greet me as brother then! Time and tide waits for none. I was in high school as grown up boy and a man to handle what is supposing to in life. The universal truth of time passing by without waiting to anyone suffice that I am now greeted as uncle by the cute brothers that are in my stage that I came passed by. First time when I was greeted uncle, I was taken aback.

No wonder I am getting old day by day. Time drags me to the gate of death! Changed the tone of voice, physical appearances, and stone hard bone to hit and give pain to my friends to let them know that I am grown up enough! Now face starting to develop little wrinkles, voice with little twist, getting to know the better love of what we are define to be and get marry are those thinking that constantly strikes my mind. What to do it is the universal law- live to die! And now I am a man of going to be responsible soon.
Young Sangay  when he was in 1st year!

Time will approach where I may get marry to whom shall my faith descend. I will spend my life with her. Then soon time shall again teach me to be father and be a responsible man. I will have to balance my family life and professional life. Scratching head over the mischief of my kids and argument with my wife will happen and hope it will never interfere with my professional verve. I’ll have my own dignity to serve my parents and be best to them and too the nation with full zeal and hard work.

For me nothing is above religion. I am a Buddhist. I guarantee I can’t be good to all. I can’t be same to all. I might unknowingly and of nowhere other may think I do partiality. And I can’t safe all lives. Which ultimately prove that I am not a perfect man? Yes I am not perfect! Like perfect love it will be rare to find perfect man. But I am sure at least I will not harm knowingly and intentionally anyone. If I have done unknowingly then I will pardon to my best. And too I beg pardon for till now if I have done unknowingly wrong to anyone. Pardon me! Everything is destined to complete expiry date and I’ll let my expiry date complete with at least no regrets.  
Sangay in 3rd year!!

In everyone’s walk of life we encounter with different kind of sickness.  I have to endure all sickness that catches me. And I can’t remain intact. I’ll try to my best that I’ll not let my dear and near one to shed tears beside me for which I’ll pray day and night.

Technology told me how I will look like when I am in 60s or more, if I am permitted to live that long! Thank you, I can now foresee and prepare for to react for greeting- Agay Sangay!  My face will be full of wrinkles. My body will become loose. My hair will become gray. My voice will stammer. I will have to pause time and again for that I may do and my strength will shrink and I will become dependent. And once again I’ll be a dependent young little boy with eased strength. 
Agay Sangay D

Life is like that. Partiality isn’t the thing that we can expect to shower to be intact physically. Mentally we may be sound and want to live more but one day the gate to death will surely open for us to leave the wonderful campus of live and everything will be wipe away. And it is always waiting for us to warmly greet if we were good and vice versa. 

We will be welcomed to another world of deeds and the cause! 

Duality and the Cause

There are some basic principles which governs the universe and that is the principles of duality, attraction and togetherness which are the ingredients of 'LOVE'. Love cannot exist alone just as one cannot be in love alone. We live in an age when love seemed to have gone cold amongst people, where relationships all too often end before they have even started.

We constantly hear of children of broken families and one parent families who are more likely to turn to crime. Recent events of youths looting and stabbing in cities across the Thimphu stands as an example of this uncaring, wayward attitude.

Needless to say there are various factors which caused this, however we cannot overlook the fact of broken homes as part of this ingredients. One only has to watch some foreign shows to see the mix up of relationships especially amongst the young in our communities and worse of all some reason to say that they stab because it is rampant! This is having a devastating effect on our young and society as a whole.

A relationship is as life itself, it comes with its ups and downs; this is the law of duality. We don't give up on life just because of a terrible earthquake, or a tsunami. Our society needs to promote more tolerance and over standing which are the main ingredients of a lasting relationship.

The system that governs our society has no teachings in their educational establishments of how to relate man to woman, woman to man. Academic education alone does not teach human beings how to relate and react to one another. We see in our society today where couples break up for whatever reason only to get back together and have a lasting relationship. In some of these circumstances there might have been a middle person giving some sort of advice and encouragement, this is the power of togetherness.

 For some people however there is no such intervention as they isolate themselves in the selfishness of what they call "my business" and therefore wallow in their own self pity, jealousy, pride and anger to their own demise. A couple who puts away these petty emotions and are real about their feelings will do the right thing to be reunited with the one they love. This is the law of attraction which brings true love for a lasting relationship. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

To You Choktor!

Pop; I typed, ‘hi’; 
She was there with smile. 
Pop; I clicked to see, ‘HI’; 
I was here with smile. 

Choktor Choden is thy name; 
Instant reply to me seems her desire; 
Her beautify is her fame; 
And that is my flame. 

Yaboo- is her best word; 
Meaning I Love You. 
Truth is truth, this is a word; 
That must be told to you. 

Angelic looks is what I admire; 
Angelic heart is what I adore; 
Closeness is what I wish; 
Seems everything will not hash! 

Walking round my room,
Closing each and every curtain,
Shutting each and every door,
I see you always behind me. 

With head held high; 
Heart with superfluous pulse; 
Seems we are not for false; 
Now love my held high. 

Like the moon, stars, morning sunrise 
so much beauty, so much grace. 
You are even more through my eyes. 
All I ever dreamed of, an angel from above. 

You gave the direction of sun shine; 
You gave the proud of having one; 
My vacant heart is now fine; 
And our unity will always bind. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful Sight in College Picnic

Panic of seniors/elders;
Holding discourteous girl friend;
Silent but holding her so tensed;
To avert in the web of seniors;
Hushed was his strong love to her.

Jumped to the tune of Tum Milee;
With 11000 in their hand tight;
With the sense of fantastic;
Holding their feet tight;
To withstand to the tune of frantic!

Sun showed its way to west;
Seems the day was best;
Juniors showed their courtesy;
Seniors accepted their fantasy;
Organizers seemed messy!

Everybody shouts in the long yellow bus;
Organizers had the sense of drunken mess;
To shun the tantrum of lecturers;
Counselors’ seemed the bearer;
The day was wonderful to remember!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

On and On!!

Life isn't as what we think and desire!!
Sometimes running like Swift River,
Sometimes running in snail's tempo,
Sometimes jumping like flea,
Sometimes the pain of piercing bullets,
Sometimes great joy of modest kiss,
And Life goes on and on…… 

Hearts aren’t what we think and can opt!!
Sometimes we encounter the heart of mercy!
Sometimes the heart of fire!
Sometime the heart of cruelty!
Sometimes the heart of love,
And feeble heart beats on and on… 

Eyes aren’t the eyes that see thy nature,
Sometimes the eye of always faulty,
Sometimes the eyes of nurture,
Sometimes the eyes of guilty,
And always the eyes that sees the growth!
And beautiful eye wink on and on…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

With Changing Times

In the contemporary arena of technology we see lots of changes taking place. From the rough hand writing to typing with the type writer and now punching data in the computer are those changes we all have seen, And many intellectuals are born and too the same changes for people’s generation!

It is now very easy to document activities bit and pieces in seconds. Almost every adult are having mobile each by which they are keep in touch with parents, friends, relatives and update information.

Just click the button; you’ll have your photos…. The power of technology has gone too far!

I was sitting on concrete bench at Zangdo Pelri in town. It was around seven in my mobile. I heard shrill sound of a kid. Thought, very delighted kid maybe there with parent. Moment I turned back, I saw little cute son of single mother. I was playing with my mobile and he asked to me to take his photographs immediately after he saw me playing with it.

His post to my mobile camera!
Mr. Little Suraj is wonderful kid I have ever met and interacted. I was on my way to take bath few kilometers from my college to shield the Phuntsholing heat. He was with his friend Karma. They were standing in front of their house which is not finished well, made of bricks. After interacting with them with my academic related questions, I asked him, ‘what is the height of your house’? After sometime he went inside his room and came back with a book and a pencil. He was scribbling something simultaneously looking to the wall. After he has done he gave me.

Alas!! I was totally surprised. First he counted the number of rows of bricks and then estimated the height of a brick,’ just we can multiply and get total number of bricks used to build my house’.
He was really genius kid and I’ll never forget him.

Now the time has approached where our children will neglect to ask our parents and elders to get answer to what they may think. And we being college students seek most help from Google. It will be not surprising that with answers at the touch of the button, youngsters often will Google questions before asking parents, friends or teachers.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It shows just how commonplace digital technology is for children today and how comfortable they are with using it. 

Children, no matter what generation they grow up in, have an inquisitive and curious nature, and so the fact they are able to use new technology to explore this is a positive sign for the future. And some are really brilliant!!

Little action!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

GNH (Gross National Happiness)

From far end of the East,
Man was born for the cause,
Joy was everything that his
Longing parents’ fist!

From the mid of the high hill,
With the rays of sun’s feel,
His destiny was defined
To be reverent citizen.
West and East,
North and South,
The whole lot is best
In the land of Drukyul.

October was his birth month,
November was his crave month,
All in all he is here for the cause-
 The unity of serene land.

 They were there,
He was there,
All were there,
United in the land of GNH!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


The night, filled with rain drops,
The droplets make me sad,
The sadness leads to tears,
The tears can’t carry the pain away,
The pain is still in my heart,
The heart wants to say something,
This something may be a sentence,
This sentence has few words,
These words are I, love and you.

The day, filled with smiley shine,
The smile makes me feel high,
The contentment leads to fly,
The plume can’t carry the total pleasure away,
The contentment is still in my heart,
The heart wants to say something,
This something may be a sentence,
This sentence has few words,
These words are I, trust, and you.

World, the place of principle of duality,
Getting together with full zeal,
Feeling thy warmth and care,
Everything seems all, on and on,
All are mold and placed deep inside heart,
This heart wants to say a sentence,
This sentence has few words,
These words are will, you, marry me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rupee Crunch!

I am sorry if my ideas and thoughts contradict any of yours!

Is it really a rupee crunched or a policy crunched or is it the warning bell for us to prepare to be self sufficient? Why this happened suddenly of nowhere?  Is it the failure of the concern consultancy for the government and the concern agencies? Or maybe is it my wrong thoughts about it? Yea it should happen and is inevitable. But the main question is why suddenly? “Certainly after losar we don’t have rupee”. Is this justifiable statement?

What we Bhutanese produce and what we import?

 All most 60% of the Bhutanese depends on farming. And no doubt we are peasant society actually. There are many institutions that provide various loans. Bhutan Development Finance Corporation (BDFC) provide agriculture loan at 15% previously and now reduced to 13% whereas they charge 12% for tourism, mining and hotels etc... Bank of Bhutan provide loan with 13% interest as an agriculture loan for to buy the agriculture machineries and export of the cash crops like orange, apples etc… and whereas 12% interest is charge for the vehicle loan for the civil servant which ultimately is the source of environmental pollution and hectic traffic problem these days! Other financial institution like Bhutan National Bank (BNB) and Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan (RICB) doesn’t provide loan for the agriculture.

Our main backbone for revenue generation is electricity. All the rural areas were supplied with subsidized rate and too the industries that are the source that always concern the environment and which consume huge power and all most all of its products are exported mainly to Indian and bit to other nations and the shortage of rupee. The subsidized rate for electricity for the rural people and the industries contradicts. When it is compared with huge consumption of power by the industries with the rural subsidy it is nothing but just it can be observed as extra incentives to the industrialists.

What do we wear? We say gho and kira!! Huh!! But see how many of people walking through the street is with what we say gho and kira. It is a wonderful irony. It’s ok if what you wear is homemade! But look form the tip of your toe to the top of your head. It is all that is manufactured and imported from India maximum and certain percentage is expectable for m other countries.  Do we know that we wear only the belt (chudang, Khaera) that is homemade? This is the only thing that we Bhutanese wear and still reign the custom of weaving belt for our own. What if we have industries that manufacture ghos and kiras.
Why do we Bhutanese prefer to do shopping in Jaigon instead of Phuntsholing town? This is because Bhutanese are good at negotiating and bargaining. People actually don’t go for shopping instead I feel they go for bargaining. Compare the prices you paid in Jaigon and the prices in Bhutan. It is same ya!
Why and how?  In Jaigon the concern shop keepers know the strategy of how to counter balance the rate mainly with Bhutanese customers.

Once I was for shopping alone. They charge me Rs. 650 for one T-shirt. I bargain and bargain and finally I bought it for Rs. 300. See the difference! Then we can question the quality of goods there. After a week I washed my T-shirt which was red in colour and to my dismay thought I was at butcher yard. It turned to grayish white.

The quality isn’t good and moreover we Bhutanese feel that we get in reasonable price because of bargaining. You do shopping in our own town, Phunstholing town, and compare the price. You’ll surprise to get same thing with same price with good quality. Bhutanese go to Jaigon because in Bhutan bargaining isn’t rampant and yea they will not give damn if you bargain. Prices are fixed reasonably and the quality is far more better than that you bought from Jaigon.

Likewise if we ourselves help to grow our own community then I think we could achieve something like the people of Merak and Sakten escape from rupee crunch. They export more than import.

Heartfelt Condolence

We know the deep concern of thy duties and responsibilities. You all are the heroes of the GNH nation. Other citizens who are serving our nation other than thy organization have many holidays and many charms to enjoy. They have Sharchokpa losar, ngalop Nilo, nepali dewali and so on... you are the group of citizens tirelessly serving the nation with sincere effort and I salute for that. We see you standing with gun, blowing whistle, battling the forest fire…- doing your duties when other people enjoy the above mention juncture.

But it was so heartbreaking to know that an accident happened for when you all went to curb the flame above Yangchenphug.

For those you who left the heavenly earth, may your soul rest in peace and may your dear and near one be always bless with what you wished when you were with them.

May you all get well soon for those who were injured and continue your tireless duty to serve nation.

I express my Deep Condolence and I always salute for your heroism!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Once Upon a Time

It was me that I had faced once upon a time at Tashigang Middle Secondary School.

Suddenly when a group of girls entered my classroom after reshuffling the exact number of students in each section, I have seen her for the first time. And from then I considered her as my only girl that I wanted to end my life with!! May be I was crazy. 

Days and months passed by… I was afraid to talk to her. Actually my diffidence let me down. Just I stayed aside and enjoyed her beauty.

Came October, I made up my mind to propose her. Proposing with epistle and by friends to express our feelings was rampant at that time. Through my friend I sent my feeling to her. After a week I was stunned that she accepted my feeling. I was so happy to see I Love You TOO. My feeling was just that simple I Love You. I had many emotions that I wanted to share her but I was not good with words to express all feelings.

I was not good with words, this often result in her to be very upset. These various reasons cause her to vent her anger on me often. I endured the suffering in silence.

After a couple of months, we finally graduated from Tashigang Middle Secondary School and we were placed in different schools to continue our higher secondary education.  Before departing, I proposed her, “I am not good with words, but simply I love you. If you allow me, I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life. As for our distance apart I’ll try my best to keep in touch with you round. Will you marry me”? She agreed to my determination and after few months we got too closed that we are engaged as if.

We kept our love strong through letters. Even though it’s hard, neither of us ever thought of giving up.

After our high school exams we met at Thimphu. She called me to come at her home for she has many things to share and talk about. Poor I went happily so as to see how she is and to continue and share our feelings of so called love.  To my dismay she told me of having relation with someone when she was at school. I readily accepted her apology for she had done to avert him from disturbing her study. 

That was cool apology and I regret why I didn’t fired her!!   

We are apart forever now!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Because of YOu!!

I awake each day with a smile
And greet it with a laugh;
The world is a treasure to me
Because of you.

Every time I think of something sad,
I replace the thought- with you!
My mind is instantly changed;
And my heart is filled with gladness.

Every breath I take is meant for you,
I live this life surrounded in joy;
And I bathe in the promise of your love,
My soul belongs to you.

Each time I see something beautiful
I want to take it and bring it to you;
My life has so much meaning now
All because of you.

Each time I see someone misery
I wish such will not happen to you;
And I promise I’ll be thy defender
All because I want you!


The fountains mingle with
the river
And the rivers with the
The winds of heaven mix for
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is
All things by a law divine
In one another being
Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high
And the waves clasp one
No sister-flower would be
If it disdain its brother;
And the sunlight clasps the
And the moonbeams kiss the
What are all these kissing’s
If thou kiss not me!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hands up, how many of we are potato fan? And how many of us know about George Boogle?

I was, a long time ago chatting on Facebook with my friend Deki, and she asked me whether I had dinner or not. “Yea I had with potato; life started eating potato and may end eating potato”, I replied. It does not mean I don’t like it. “hahaha yes mosh...I think if George Boogle was not dead you would have murdered him, rite?”, she replied.

I want to Thank Mr. George Boogle for having introduced potato in Bhutan and Raja of West Bengal who invited Mr. George for to help to drive away the Zhidar, Druk Desi of Bhutan who invaded his territory in 1773.

If he was in 21st century he possibly would have won the prestigious award for having shaped the backbone of Bhutanese curry.

 I can't deny the fact that I was grown up having potato and all most all lives of village guy like me, might have disgruntled the everyday potato menu back in schools and colleges. It will be in the form of Aludam, curry mix with other vegetables, Kawa Datse etc… 

George Boogle